When you are looking for a way to shed pounds off of your pony, one of the first things that runs across the minds of most is an aftermarket tubular K-member. While installing a K-member doesn’t require a huge amount of mechanical skill, it isn’t a task for the faint of heart (or the lazy). Of course, the effort is worth the weight savings, and to that end AFCO Racing decided to make a K-member that installs without any of the fuss normally associated with a swap, and developed their new “Perfect Fit” K-members for Fox Body and SN-95 Mustangs.


In the world of K-members one large debate is the optimal material. Mild steel is usually heavier but less expensive, while chromoly is lighter but more expensive. AFCO decided to put some science behind it by combining material and design to achieve the best of both worlds. The design features a unique one piece D.O.M. main rail, which not only gives the K-member a unique look, but also superior strength and a significant weight savings. Confident in their design’s merits, AFCO conducted Finite Element Analyses on their new K-member to determine that their product has the best weight-to-strength ratio of any K-member on the market.

To ensure a perfect, fabrication-less fit, one of the things AFCO did was slot the rear chassis mounting plates to allow for factory variations on the chassis. Also, you’ll notice the hex-shaped “Nut Retention System” that helps make it easier to install the A-arms. AFCO really made it easy to install this K-member.


The design of the Perfect Fit K-member is such that it should literally “bolt right in.” The rear mounting holes have been slotted to allow for factory tolerances without having to resort to reaming out the K-member mounting plates. All of the mounting holes are jig-fitted and post-welded to ensure that everything lines up perfectly. The lower arm mounts even have a built-in “nut retention system” to help make the installation process even easier and correlate with the “Perfect Fit” name.

The Perfect Fit design retains all the stock suspension geometry and allows the use of either stock A-arms or AFCO’s tubular pieces—which add up to an additional 15 pounds of weight savings.

The Perfect Fit design also retains factory suspension geometry—the wheelbase and trackwidth remains unchanged. The design also allows the reuse of the factory A-arms or the ability to shed even more weight off the front of
the car by utilizing AFCO racings tubular front control arms. The weight savings with just the K-member comes in at 27 pounds, and with the tubular arms, a whopping 42 pounds comes off the front of the car.


Another awesome feature of the new AFCO K-member, is that it has interchangeable engine mounts, allowing you to not only drop anything from a standard five-liter to an LSX between the framerails, but that you can do it without buying a new K-member. Afco offers motor-mount kits for the standard small-block Ford, as well as the Modular platforms, big-block Fords, LS-based engines, small-block and big-block Chevys. So no matter what you want to drop into the engine bay of your Fox or SN-95 chassis, you only need one K-member.


AFCO Racing