Exclusive Breaking News: Phil Hines FIRST in the 6s on 275 Drag Radials!

NMRA racer Phil Hines is first to break into the 6s on 275 Drag Radials tires with his 2001 Mustang GT. He accomplished the task during testing for this weekend’s Lights Out Radial race at South Georgia Motorsports Park. Hines recorded the run in what used to be NMRA Super Street Outlaw specs—3,150 pounds, ProCharger F3-121 supercharger, and a nasty BES 430ci engine with Edelbrock SC1 cylinder heads. Hines unleashed a sick 4.53 at 167 mph and ran to the finish line in just 6.89 seconds with a speed of only 198 mph. He dropped the laundry early and expects the speed to be up around 208-210 mph. By our calculations that would have would put his final elapsed time at a tick quicker than the 6.89 that flashed on the scoreboard. He made the run on Mickey Thompson 275/60-15 ET-Radial Pro tires. After this race Hines is removing the ProCharger F3-121 supercharger and adding a F1X unit for NMRA Street Outlaw competition.