Who Says Grudge Racing Isn’t For Class Racers? ATF Speed and Sean Ashe Win Big at Local Grudge Race

ATF Crop copy“It all started on the Facebook page for 305 Bloodline Racers,” said Jason Gatlin of ATF Speed regarding the grudge race victory this past Saturday night at County Line Dragway. Gatlin wouldn’t tell us what mods they made to their NMRA Street Outlaw notchback other than adding a set of 28×10.5 slicks. “It is a local 1/8-mile track and it’s been down for about month because of damage from a tropical storm,” he said. The ATF mad scientist went on to say, “I knew the track was green so we put on the slicks to make sure we got down it.”

Gatlin fired up the laptop, made a few key strokes to adjust the Big Stuff 3 tune-up and then had driver Sean Ashe make a few test hits—as per the agreement for the grudge race. Both sides got some tuning runs before going into battle. The Street Outlaw team was squaring off against Big Boy Toys Chevy S-10 pick-up with a turbocharged and nitrous’d small-block and it rolls on a pair 10.5W tires. Ashe ran on true 10.5s and solely on his ProCharger F1X. The race pot swelled to $15,000 but quickly shrunk back down to the $2,000 that the teams had locked in originally. “We had the race locked in but the purse grew. It shrunk down quickly when one of our test run times were flashed on the board,” commented Gatlin.

He finished, “we have a few other grudge runs in the works. We are chasing after some people who thought they could run quicker and faster with other transmission/converter combos. We are just looking to show them that ATF torque converters and transmissions win races.” It is goes back to the old marketing cliché of win on Sunday, sell on Monday. That still rings true in drag racing. As for Gatlin and Ashe, they even joked that it was nice to get some fuel money for this week’s trip north to Norwalk, OH for the NMRA drag race at Summit Motorsports Park as they chase the championship in the AFCO Street Outlaw category.