Cal Hayward Targets Seven-Second True Street Average, runs 7.80s in testing

Hayward Twins

It is one of the most sought after barriers in street-legal drag racing, the seven-second True Street average in NMRA competition. On the NMCA side of the equation, the barrier was crushed several years ago by a 1969 Camaro with a ProCharger-blown big-block engine out of the PSI Speed Solutions shop. But in NMRA competition, where the rules differ (stock suspension required), the seven-second deed has not been done up until this point. It isn’t through lack of effort—Chris Gish, Chris Escobar, Blair Brannock, Kiko Leiva, and Cal Hayward. All of them have run sevens on singles but it is usually the final lap in the three consecutive runs that causes a problem. A combination of track conditions (which tend to deteriate with each passing round), longevity on the racecar (these are 1,200-1,300 rwhp machines), and pressure of competition take its toll.

Cal Hayward is looking to bounce back from some mishaps after breaking the engine on the other street race time trial, Hot Rod Magazine’s Drag Week. He nuked his strok’d Windsor engine forcing a complete evaluation and rebuild with the goal of knocking off a seven-second average in NMRA and then rolling into 2014 Drag Week and decimating the Small-Block Power Adder category. His plan revolves around his latest powerplant, a Baker Engineering 430ci with a pair of Bullseye Power 80mm turbochargers. The car sports a Pro EFI stand-alone ECU, which is tuned by Erroll at TPS and Bullseye’s Wild Bill Devine helps Hayward on track. The team has been testing for the upcoming NMRA Supernationals held at Summit Motorsports Park (Norwalk, OH) this weekend. Hayward eased into the new combination and produced a 7.88 and 7.89 at 183 mph. The run, according to Hayward, was accomplished with 23 psi of boost and E85 fuel. 20140607_184714


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