NMRA To Host 3rd Annual SVT Shootout

SVT was born to build high-performance Ford vehicles and the NMRA Keystone Automotive Ford Nationals will be celebrating their passion with the 3rd Annual SVT Shootout at Maryland International Raceway in Mechanicsville, MD the weekend of May 1-3, 2015. It’s only fitting that the #1 all-Ford Motorsport show in the U.S. plays host annually to this speed-infused celebration. SVT Shootout participants will join NMRA’s community of racers and car show enthusiasts for one of the largest and baddest all-Ford events of the year.

VMP Superchargers has stepped up once again to sponsor the Terminator/GT500 Shootout class that brings together some of the quickest Cobras and GT500s in the U.S. for a winner take all format at this special SVT event. Mingle with the hottest tuners and car builders for drag-strip fun and a Shootout to decide which model is better—Terminator or Shelby GT500. Watch the internet forums come alive for a real-world slug fest. Each Terminator/GT500 Shootout participant will also receive a free entry into Saturday’s SVT True Street class (must fit True Street rules) for even more chances to win.

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The SVT Lightning truck community is one of the most exciting SVT brands as evident by the sheer number of trucks still being modified and turned into drag strip haulers. If you are a Lightning enthusiast then you won’t want to miss this event. The biggest Lightning shops, including Johnny Lightning Performance, will be hitting the strip with 8-second performances. Lightning racers are invited to join the popular Truck & Lightning category to do battle against other Lightnings for cash and prizes.

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NMRA True Street, presented by Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, is always one of the largest classes run on Saturday at each NMRA event. There will a separate SVT True Street class, with its own purses and prizes…exclusively for SVT racers! SVT True Street racers will make 3 consecutive passes down the ¼ mile and $250 + 6’ trophy will be awarded to the overall fastest, and $100 + plaque will be awarded to each racer with the closest average to 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 seconds! SVT True Street racers will receive a free entry into Sunday’s NMRA bracket race.

SVT Stick Shift Shootout

NMRA wants to find out who has the fastest manually shifted SVT Terminator or GT500 in the country and McLeod Racing has answered the call by sponsoring the SVT Stick Shift Shootout. The two fastest manually shifted SVT race cars competing in the VMP Superchargers Terminator/GT500 Shootout class during Saturday’s qualifying will race each other heads-up (either Saturday or Sunday) for the chance to take home a custom award and a $750 McLeod Racing product certificate! The runner-up will receive a plaque and a $100 NMRA Power Mall gift certificate.

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SVT Show Classes for Cars & Trucks

If showing your car or truck is more your style then look no further than the UPR Products All-Ford Auto Show with over 100 awards given away at this event. Show off your ride for a chance to get featured in Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, or NMRA’s own Race Pages magazine. There will be special SVT-only auto show classes and awards…so come out with your ride for a chance to bring some home. SVT auto show participants may also race in SVT True Street on Saturday with a separate paid race entry!

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NMRA would like to thank SVT, Ford Racing, VMP Superchargers, Johnny Lightning Performance, the SVT Owners Association, the SVT Cobra Mustang Club, the Mid-Atlantic Cobra Association, the National Lightning Owners Club, Muscle Mustangs & Fast Fords, SVTPerformance.com, LightningRodder.com, and LightningGarage.com for their support of this special event. For more information on the SVT Shootout, including SVT Car Show classes and awards, please log on to www.NMRAdigital.com/SVT or call 714-444-2426.

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