Hooker Headers and Tim Matherly Combine Efforts in 2016


Last year’s SEMA Show saw over 2,500 new products get unveiled and one company that was responsible for nearly a dozen of those products was Hooker Headers. The legendary brand has been revived by parent company Holley Performance Parts and with it is an entirely new line called BlackHeart. The company is targeting the late-model market with high-quality and excellent performance. As Hooker BlackHeart announced its revamped product line, plans were already underway to jump even bigger into the Mustang market.Underside

The team over at Hooker BlackHeart had been itching to begin development on Coyote swap systems for Mustang applications. In true BlackHeart fashion, they wanted to ensure that their products are superior in quality, fitment, and making power—above all else! They decided that the best way to measure and perfect their performance gains was to use a NMRA Coyote Stock car as a test bed for their products since it is the most competitive Coyote class in the world.

In choosing a car and driver to work with, the team quickly jumped on board with Tim Matherly. The MV Performance proprietor has a consistent track record of being a front runner, winning NMRA championships, and his extensive modular/Coyote experience made it a perfect fit for both sides. Even before Matherly came on board, the BlackHeart team had already spent a lot of time developing and dyno testing Coyote parts on their late model Mustang platforms.

Matherly made the trek up to Bowling Green in order to drop off his 2003 Cobra with the sealed Ford Performance Coyote Stock crate engine and ECU. The Hooker BlackHeart team didn’t waste any time tackling the project and made several baseline pulls with Matherly’s previous MPH record setting system on the car. The team then spent the next several weeks crafting their own system using the experience that they previously gained on the 2011-2014 and 2015-2016 Mustang platforms.

19Hooker BlackHeart manager Tim Grillot’s objectives for his development team were simple and he stated “We need to make more useful power using our already proven off the shelf components and deliver a system that is repeatable to our consumers.”  It took a lot of patience, time, tweaking, and many dyno pulls, but at the end the result was a big success.  The team delivered a power curve that surpassed even the most optimistic goals for Grillot and the rest of the BlackHeart team. Not only did they make gains in the high-RPM range that Matherly uses during Coyote Stock competition, but they also made big improvements in the low and mid-range areas. Grillot said the team found what the engine really liked in regards to primary length and the X-pipe configuration of the exhaust. Look for some new Hooker BlackHeart swap components to be hitting the market in the near future.IMG_4490