2021 BMR Suspension NMRA Spring Break Shootout—Sunday Coverage

After overcoming Mother Nature on Saturday, the sun is shining down on the final day of the BMR Suspension NMRA Spring Break Shootout at Bradenton Motorsports Park. Today every run counts as eliminations wrap up in all the classes, including the Sunday-only specialty classes — the Ace Racing Spring Break Shootout and the TREMEC Stick Shift Shootout.

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The final day of the 2021 BMR Suspension NMRA Spring Break Shootout unfolds like this.

Multi-time NMRA champion Mike Ciborowski and his son, Keith, are fighting the new car blues with their red ’14 Mustang. Blower belt issues have plagued the engine while the rear suspension has also been causing trouble for the men, specifically in the rear suspension, although they have narrowed the issue to the anti-roll bar simply not being as beefy as they need. Ciborowski was sitting in ninth on a 4.949 at 142.24 mph best effort after the NMRA Edelbrock Renegade qualifying order had been finalized, but with so much success in their camp, which is part of team JPC Racing, he’s hoping to improve in today’s eliminations when it matters most.

Holding the top qualifying spot in JDM Engineering Limited Street after round two of qualifying, Samantha Moore solidified her performance by taking the top spot once again in round three with an 8.31 effort. Moore made a number of changes to her California Special Mustang in the off season and they seem to have paid off. Now, the VMP Performance-supercharged, Vector Motorsports machine heads to eliminations looking like a strong contender for the 2021 championship.

Mechanical engineer Jonathan Whitaker of Orlando, Florida, picked up this 14,000-mile 1993 Cobra just a month ago from a friend, and thrashed to put it together and get it ready for the Spring Break Shootout. Competing in QA1 True Street, Whitaker dropped in the Gen II Coyote 5.0 powerplant, which is backed—for the time being—with a T45 transmission. In his first three on-track runs in the car, Whitaker averaged 11.79, which qualified him for today’s TREMEC Stick Shift Shootout. You can follow Whitaker on his YouTube channel, J Whit, for more updates on his Cobra.

Edelbrock Renegade racer Chuck Bartholme has owned his Mustang for 20 years and the Ocean City, Maryland, resident has steadily been racing all winter long, chipping away at the car’s performance. He clicked off a 4.55 in testing and posted a 4.57 to take the second spot in qualifying with his V-30 Vortech supercharged, 430ci and Dez Racing-tuned engine combination.

Peter Del Pino and his DPM Racing crew brought a slew of E85-slurping, 1,000rwhp supercharged machines to the Spring Break Shootout and gave the parachutes a workout in QA1 True Street competition. The Miami Lakes, Florida, resident averaged 9.81 to finish 6th quickest, and heads into today’s Ace Racing Spring Break Shootout today.

Despite a bit of atmospheric moisture yesterday, there was a strong turnout in the UPR Products car show. Today the rows of shiny machines are back at Bradenton Motorsports Park vying for trophies.

Reigning VP Racing Madditives Street Outlaw champ Dominic DiDonato tried a few changes at his last couple events, but this weekend he is back to a tried and true setup. In qualifying that yielded a 4.32 at 168.24 mph, which means he has some moves to make in eliminations today.

QA1 True Street saw 119 machines in competition on Saturday, with Donato Sierchio taking the crown on the merits of an 8.305-second average. He joins the quickest 16 True Street machines competing in the Ace Racing Spring Break Shootout class. Additionally the quickest eight stick-shifted True Street rides square off in the TREMEC Stick Shift Shootout class today at the BMR Suspension NMRA Spring Break Shootout.

The dramatic change in weather today from yesterday’s conditions were a surprise for Engineering Services Department Operations Manager at Roush and three-time NMCA ARP Open Comp champion Dennis Corn. The butterfly effect combination of a change in track temperature, strong tailwind, mineshaft air, and more meant Corn was running around crunching numbers and looking at data more than usual. The secret to his success, especially as he runs a stick car unlike many of his competitors, is making sure all of the little details are accounted for as often the margin of victory is only a matter of inches at the finish line.

Gordon Harlow has been having a great weekend, as the man from Bowling Green, Kentucky, turned on the win light in his lane during the first NMRA ARP Open Comp elimination round. Thanks to support from his great sponsors and partners, he didn’t have to make any changes to his ’89 Mustang over the offseason as the car was already running well. As a result, it’s been a low-key weekend of only doing routine maintenance such as brake pads, spark plug wires, and fluids for the driver who posted a 10.034-second run on his 10.06 dial in.

There was no love lost over in Ronnie Haislip’s pit (right) even though Terry Haynal (left) took the win in their first round pairing in NMRA ARP Open Comp. There’s a strong tailwind at Bradenton Motorsports Park today, and both had to compensate for it. Haynal switched to a different restrictor plate at the last minute to slow his ’95 Mustang GT down by three-hundredths of a second. He had the head start with his 11.28 dial over Haislip’s 9.61 dial, and even at the stripe as Haislip was approaching, Haynal still had to work hard to slow things down. Despite that, both men ran well under their intended elapsed times – Haynal by four-hundredths and Haislip by two-tenths – so it was Haynal who advanced to the next round.

That “I just got a round win” feeling courtesy of Gary “Hollywood” Parker! Parker runs his ’02 Mustang in NMRA Exedy Racing Clutch Modular Muscle and is enjoying a much-needed relaxing weekend of racing as his beautiful wife, Carole, recently recovered from a tough bout with Covid-19.

NMRA ARP Open Comp racer Kevin Sanders made the highlight reel when his “Boogey Lights” ’87 Mustang LX sheared all four studs off at the launch and his left rear wheel went on a journey across the track on Saturday morning. Fortunately, his fellow racers were quick to donate parts even as he was coming back up the pit road right after the pass so that he could get fixed. Sanders runs a 347 ci stroker engine with a 5-speed Tremec, and has upgraded to a set of 5/8” studs now to compensate for the torque he’s making so he doesn’t run into the issue ever again. He also had to grab a new set of Mickey Thompson tires as he accidentally hit the trailer ramp door on his way out first thing in the weekend and cut one of his tires, so the round win he picked up over James Gough this morning was a seriously welcome turn of events.

Though he went out in round one of the Watson Racing Cobra Jet Showdown, Paul Svinicki returned to action today in the Godzilla-powered 2010 Cobra Jet. He had the 7.3-liter engine breathing a little extra fire today on an exhibition run, however. He hit Ford’s latest push rod engine with 125-horsepower dry shot of nitrous. With just a little timing pulled out and a softer hit, it roared to a 9.63 at 135 mph. Expect to see the Paul’s High Performance team keep pushing the Godzilla platform to even quicker times in the future.

The Edelbrock Renegade racers are flat out flying on the Bradenton Motorsports Park drag strip today at the BMR Suspension NMRA Spring Break Shootout. All but two of the cars in the first round ripped off 4.5-second passes headlined by Stephen Barnett’s 4.548 at 148.43 win over Shawn King. 

Alex Corella was poised to clock the quickest time on Nitto Tire’s new NT555RII, but his ProEFI system told him to shut the car down before starting his first run in QA1 True Street. He’s been as quick as 8.84 and hoped to collect the Nitto cash prize for winning one of the True Street classes, but a low-oil warning told him to shut it down during Saturday’s event. For Sunday, Nitto had him park the turbocharged, small-block Ford-powered machine in their midway booth for the day. Sadly, no other competitors were able to collect the prize either, but the Nitto prize will be available at all NMRA events in 2021, including the next race in Commerce, Georgia, just a few weeks away.

Enthusiasts turned out in droves for the UPR Products car show today at Bradenton Motorsports Park. This 1985 Mustang SVO belonging to Josh Sashko of Tampa, Florida, caught our eye and might just be the nicest one we’ve ever seen.

Making the drive down from the Villages with the goal of competing in the TREMEC Stick Shift Shootout, David Leshay shifted his way into the eight spot in his 1963 Ford Galaxie 500. Packing a 427 fed by dual-quad carbs and backed by a four-speed manual and a nodular 9-inch rear, it is the first full-bodied machine to ever make the cut in this category. Leshay purchased the car to fulfill a childhood dream of owning one, and his dream weekend wrapped up with a win in the TREMEC Stick Shift Shootout.

It’s pretty rare to see a ’79 Mustang Cobra, but rarer still to see one racing at a national event like the 2021 BMR Suspension NMRA Spring Break Shootout. John Maguire did just that with the car he has owned since he was 16 years old, competing in QA1 True Street yesterday and the Brackets today. This car benefits from a number of upgrades including a Ford Performance 347ci crate engine, a ProCharger, a TREMEC Magnum six-speed, and FiTech fuel injection. It ran a best of 11.6 in the quarter mile this weekend and looked great doing it.