250 liter-per-hour fuel pump from DeatschWerks

Recently, DeatschWerks announced the release of their newest fuel pump, the DW250iL. With the release of this 250LPH in-line fuel pump, their offerings have increased to an industry-leading 10 unique in-tank and in-line pump models. The new DW250iL shares many of the same features as the popular DW350iL including the roller-vane pumping mechanism, A/N fittings, anodized aluminum body and t-bolt mounting brackets. The DW250iL’s small footprint, low current draw, and competitive price-point, make it an ideal candidate for many builds targeting 400-600 horsepower.

Over the next several months, both the DW250iL and DW350iL will be joined by an offering of modular surge tanks, in-line filters, and custom fittings to help you get the most out of your DW in-line fuel pumps. All DeatschWerks’ fuel pumps come with a 3-year comprehensive warranty.