Alley’s Up for NMRA Grudge Night Action

While Joey Alley had been driving an ’05 Mustang powered by a 3-Valve engine and single turbo to 7.80s in 275 and 28X10.5 classes across the country, he traded the car late last year for an ’85 Mustang.

It has double framerails and a four-link under it, and Alley replaced its engine with a 427 cubic-inch small-block Ford built by Knieriem Racing Engines featuring an aluminum RDI block, Yates C3 heads and an SVO intake with 225lb/hr Precision injectors.

It’s fronted by twin 88mm Garrett turbos, and Alley’s Performance handled the plumbing for the turbos, as well as the fabrication of the headers. A JW Powerglide and PTC converter help put the power down, and Frank Soldridge of PSI Speed, Inc. lays the tune using Big Stuff 3.

“We fired the car up for the first time four days ago and headed to Frank Soldridge’s shop in Kentucky to put the car on the dyno, and we got it pretty close to where we need it to be,” said Alley, of Lucasville, Ohio.

While Alley will share that he’s hoping to lay down even quicker and faster numbers in this Mustang, he won’t share exactly what ET or mph he has his sights set on, what the dyno session revealed or what the car ran in its first test session on Sept. 23, 2016.

That’s because he’s planning to round up a few rumbles as part of the NMRA Grudge Night at the 18th Annual Nitto NMRA All Ford World Finals, Sept. 29-Oct, 2 at Beech Bend Raceway in Kentucky.


“I’m very excited to take part in the NMRA Grudge Night,” said Alley. “I’m sure the track surface will be stellar and we’ll see what happens. The no-ET stuff is intriguing because you can run for a lot of money, and it’s anybody’s race with the amount of power these cars are laying down. They might hook, or they might spin. You never know.”