Auto Meter Introduces Hoonigan-Branded Gauges

Ken Block owned the Internet with his “Gymkhana” videos, and his Hoonigan crew has since developed a loyal following of die-hard fans. Auto Meter teamed up with Hoonigan Industries to introduce a new line of gauges that were designed in collaboration with the wild, tire-shredding, mayhem-loving group. Offerings include standard 2-inch gauges, 3 3/8-inch speedometers and tachometers, and a special 5-inch in-dash speedo that all prominently feature the Hoonigan logo on the gauge face. Additional Hoonigan-branded Auto Meter products will include a tire pressure gauge and 5-inch dash-mount tach. Whether it’s at a gymkhana course, the drag strip, or the street, Auto Meter’s Hoonigan gauges are sure to withstand practically any abuse imaginable.