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Autumn Schwalbe Teams with NMRA Champ Kevin McKenna for a Win in TREMEC All-Female True Street

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Autumn Schwalbe Teams with NMRA Champ Kevin McKenna for a Win in TREMEC All-Female True Street
By the FSC Staff
It’s been more than a year since Autumn Schwalbe was involved in a devastating accident in Rockingham that destroyed her 8.60 class Mustang, but the good news is that a replacement car is currently under construction and should hit the track later this year. In the meantime, Schwalbe, who works for Ford Motor Co. in Detroit, was able to fulfill her need for speed by racing in the Tremec All Female True Street class at the Mickey Thompson NMRA Ford Homecoming presented by Anderson Composites. 
Last year, Schwalbe was able to make her return to the dragstrip behind the wheel of Super Stang champion Kevin McKenna’s 2014 Mustang GT, and McKenna once again offered his car for this year’s True Street event. 
Schwalbe and co-pilot Miranda Prieur completed the 30-mile street cruise with no issues and then set their sights on 11.00 class. Schwalbe shut off a bit too early on her first run and registered an 11.40, but quickly lowered her average with an all-out 10.73 on her second pass. Schwalbe was able to finish the job with an 11.13 on her final run, producing a winning 11.09-second average. 
While Schwalbe wasn’t seriously hurt in her accident, the psychological effects have been a bit more challenging and she’s been very open about her experiences, and her continued focus on safety, proper maintenance, and overall situational awareness.
After and emotional victory, Schwalbe couldn’t help but reflect on her 14-month journey that brought her from a potentially career-ending incident to her first appearance in an NMRA winner’s circle. 
“This is a huge physical and mental accomplishment for me as I plan to get back in the saddle later this year in my twin turbo Fox body Mustang,” Schwalbe said. “Thank you to my friends and family for the support and I cannot wait for more winner circle moments.”
As for her own car, Schwalbe plans to return to the Suncoast Performance 8.60 Street Race class, and the car will also be street legal so she can continue to race in the TREMEC and Circle D Specialties True Street classes, as well as Drag and Drive events.
“I think Gaby Lujan has the record for the quickest All Female True Street Car so I think it would be cool to challenge that record,” Schwalbe said. “No matter what, I’m just happy to be back behind the wheel of a race car. I’ve missed it so much.”

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