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Eights on 20-inch wheels You bet!

Posted By: Scott Sparrow
A serial entrepreneur by trade and host of the World Fishing Network's television show Loose Cannons , Joey Basile's got multiple irons in the fire at any given time. The Palm Beach, Florida-based racer is no stranger to taking big risks in hope of a big reward, so when he decided to do the impossible and run 8s on 20 wheels, he had only one option to go all in. Racing is nothing new to Basile; whether it was bicycles in his youth or cars once he got older, if it had wheels, Basile wanted to be the fastest with it. The self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie took a liking to the more street-worthy forms of drag racing, though, and set out to build a car. Originally, the idea was to build the quietest full street car that I could, he laughed. I had another twin turbo car a few years back and people complained that it had a cage in it, that I took weight out of it, and I just got tired of hearing that it wasn't a true street car. To read more about Basile's journey and his car go >>HERE<<

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