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Friday Coverage | Arrington Performance NMRA/NMCA Power Festival Presented By TorqStorm

After a day of testing capped by the Weldon Pump Racer Appreciation party last night, today’s action begins with an easy launch and quickly picks up steam on the big end. 


Several classes make test hits, and in particular, the TorqStorm Superchargers True Street category, get plenty of testing today to determine how their rides should run during tomorrow’s eliminations.


Many classes roll into qualifying today, which sets the stage for how the rest of the weekend will play out as racers jockey for position on the ladders before eliminations begin.


Between rounds of NMRA and NMCA racers, stars of the Street Outlaws: No Prep Kings television series make exhibition runs on the track. And, for those seeking a photo opportunity, Bigfoot is on display at US 131 Motorsports Park this weekend.


As always, keep your eye on this page and our social channels for updates throughout the day.

Here’s a look at today’s scheduled on-track action at the 2nd Annual Arrington Performance NMRA/NMCA Power Festival Presented By TorqStorm Superchargers.

Racing a full season wasn’t originally in the cards for David Mormann, but his early success in SCT Performance Ford Muscle and Detroit Truetrac Nostalgia Muscle encouraged him to keep his foot to the floor in both series Running a fresh, 442-cube Windsor with Trick Flow heads, the racer from Tampa, Florida, hopes to keep running strong this weekend to make a run at the championship in these competitive categories, where his friend Danny Towe is also making a run for the top spot in those classes. 
We couldn’t forget to snap a photo of Danny Towe and his 1970 Mustang, which he says is as much a part of his family as his children. He and his reliable steed are also in a position to run for the coveted #1 in the SCT Performance Ford Muscle and Detroit Truetrac Nostalgia Muscle classes. Towe says that David Mormann is his ride-or-die best friend — until they get in the water box — and he is doing everything he can to pull ahead of his pal on the track and in the points standings. 

A consistently successful racer for decades, Shane Williams found limited success in any class with "Modular" in the name — until this season in Exedy Racing Clutch Modular Muscle. Riding a hot streak since the second race of the season, he also didn’t plan on racing a full season in 2022. However, when you have the hot hand, you have to keep playing it, and Williams is stoked to have success, including collecting his first Nitto Tire Diamond Tree Ring in St. Louis, in a car that he has run in the same configuration since 2001. He knows that there is still a lot of racing ahead, so he hopes to keep the positive momentum going this weekend at US 131 Motorsports Park.

Haley James' car was running well, so there was no need for upgrades before the race. However, the Haley James Racing team discovered a wounded transmission before the race. That necessitated an emergency trip to RPM Transmissions, where Rodney Massengale quickly made repairs. The HJR team reinstalled the trans and was spooled up and ready for the first round of VP Racing Madditives Renegade today. Fortunately, James isn’t running blind, as her father and crew chief, Dwayne James read the trends from Kieffer Simpson’s HJR S197 to flash in a tuneup that should get the Harts Turbo-boosted New Edge in the hunt. 
Joel Greathouse says it will be a feat to simply qualify in the top 10 this weekend in VP Racing Fuels Madditives Renegade, which attracted a pack of fast cars this weekend at the 2nd Annual Arrington Performance NMRA/NMCA Power Festival Presented By TorqStorm Superchargers. That said, he hasn’t made any changes to his proven combo for this weekend, other than cleaning and maintenance. 
After adding more suspension adjustment capability to his Fox Mustang along with more power courtesy of a ProCharger F-1A-91, Bob Cook says it is a whole new animal. To that end, he is working to share data and video with Martin Connelly who is providing tuning advice. With Connelly pointing them in the right direction, Cook is hoping to put his four-digit power down to the track and go rounds this weekend without too many wheelstands n VP Racing Madditives Renegade. 
The mood was dark in Rick Baum’s pit, as an inspection of the oil filter revealed significant metal in his freshly built engine’s oil. Before hurting his transmission in Norwalk, he has run 8.30s, which was his best run to date. The oil check made it look like his run in TorqStorm Superchargers True Street might be over. 
With a surprisingly calm demeanor, Travis Burkett had drama before the event and on the first day. He stayed up until 1:30 a.m. on Wednesday tearing down the engine and inspecting it after finding some metal in the oil. It all checked out fine in his Mike Curcio-built engine, and Rick Riccardi helped him set the valves at the track. He also repaired a throttle cable that busted in Norwalk, and survive a storm that blew his canopy into his car and trailer. He says the car typically makes manageable power and he the car has a good chance of going faster if he can put the power to the track in VP Racing Madditives Renegade.

Kevin Sanders puts on a show on the track and in his pits. The Boogey Lights-sponsored racer always has an eye-catching display in the pits, and the 2nd Annual Arrington Performance NMRA/NMCA Power Festival Presented By TorqStorm Superchargers. He is fielding two Fox Mustangs this weekend, one in ARP Open Comp and one in SCT Performance Ford Muscle. The cars are running well, but Sanders says he is the problem and is still figuring things out in both cars.
There’s a first time for everything. For Tim Donathen it was spinning off the line in his usually consistent Ford Fairmont. The G-Force Racing Transmission Coyote Stock competitor upgraded his rearend for improved efficiency but reported the hot weather in Martin, Michigan, this weekend makes it hard to tell if there was a benefit. He did roll into the race in a new trailer stocked with new Donathen Racing T-shirts showing off his Shaggin Wagon. 

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