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In Fine Form—Blue Oval machines flexed their muscle in Norwalk at the UPR Products Car Show

Posted By: Steve Baur
Written by Steve Turner
Photography by Dr. Rudy Rouweyha

As the fourth stop on the Holley NMRA Ford Nationals tour rolled into Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, Ohio, the stakes were high on the racetrack as competitors jockeyed for position in the championship points chase. It was no less competitive just outside Section 3 of the grandstands, where the UPR Products Car Show attracted the Blue Oval’s finest to compete for a host of awards. 
On Saturday, 12 elite machines were drafted into the Ring of Fire competition covered elsewhere on these pages, but even the cars that didn’t make it into that dynamic dozen were stellar. Here are some highlights from the show at the 2nd Annual NMRA Ford Performance Nationals.

While trucks are always a big part of any show at a Holley NMRA Ford Nationals event, it is somewhat rare to see one haul away top honors. However, that’s just what Rick Bennett’s 2011 ROUSH F-150 did in Norwalk. Adorned with a host of ROUSH upgrades, and even wearing the signatures of Jack Roush, Jack Roush Jr., and regular NMRA and NMCA competitor Susan Roush-McClegnahan, this white pickup is powered by a tuned-up Coyote 5.0-liter deliver 467 horsepower. 

With a Zombie-themed paint scheme, Jeff Nimon’s 2014 Mustang scored the Best Paint & Body award at the NMRA Ford Performance Nationals.

Bringing its exterior theme into the cabin with color-keyed accents throughout, Peter Dunbar’s 2006 Mustang earned the Best Interior award in Norwalk.

It’s not that common to see first-gen SVT Lightnings out in the wild these days, much less one this clean. However, Kimberly Mills brought out her 1993 example and hauled away the Best Lightning award in Norwalk.

At first glance, you might see just a clean 1970 Mustang, but there is more than meets the eye to Dave Parisot’s pony car. Underneath, it is a 2005 Mustang right down to the Three-Valve modular engine under its flip-forward hood. His unique ride took home the Director’s Choice Modified award from the UPR Products car show.

It is exciting to see just one Ford GTs out in the wild, but thanks to the presence of the Ford GT Gathering at Norwalk, all those in attendance could appreciate a variety of first- and second-gen supercars.

At the other end of the spectrum, the presence of a Model T club in the show allowed Ford fans to get a look at the company’s history. 

The Northcoast Mustang & Ford Club deserves thanks for serving as the 2022 NMRA Norwalk Host Club.

At the end of the day on Saturday and Sunday, the winners gathered to celebrate and collect their hard-earned hardware at the NMRA Ford Performance Nationals.

2022 NMRA OH Car Show Awards
Special Recognition Awards:
1. Ashley Humphreys    Norwalk, OH    2017 Mustang
2. Tony Nestor    Sandusky, OH    1997 Mustang  
3. Chris Wurch    Litchfield, OH      1976 Ranchero
4. Mike Carr     Bellview, OH     1962 F-100
5. Ed Curtis     Brook Park, OH   1972 Maverick
6. Dennis Bregitzer    Cleveland, OH   1968 Torino
7. Jack Bakewell     Milan, OH    1962 Galaxie
8. John Grabski    Parma HIeghts, OH   1966 Mercury Comet
9. Greg Hildebrand     Medina, OH    2020 Mustang
10. Heath Hammersmith    Norwalk, OH    2012 Mustang
11. Bill Coleman   Wellington, OH    2007 Mustang
12. Michael Filous    South Euclid, OH   2001 Mustang
13. Colin Mitchell    Bloomdale, OH    2007 Mustang
14. Matt P.    Sandusky, OH     1988 Mustang
15. Jeff Koehler    Grafton, OH   1991 Mustang
16. Peter & Kathryn Dunbar     Detroit, MI    2006 Mustang
17. Tom Habbyshaw    Brunswick, OH   2000 Mustang
18. Gus Markou    North Ridgeville, OH    1987 Mustang
19. Terry Crippen    North Ridgeville, OH  1969 Mustang
20. Quinn S.    Parma, OH   1968 Mustang
Ring Of Fire Awards
Top 12 Finalist: Rich Diffenbacher    North Ridgeville, OH  2016 Mustang
Top 12 Finalist: George Conrad     Huron, OH    1969 Mercury Cougar
Early Mustang: Dominick Farbo   Williamsville, NY   1965 Mustang
Best Fifties: Larry & Cindy Adolph    Berlin Hieghts, OH   1956 Thunderbird
Best Sixties: George Conrad    Huron, OH   1969 Mustang
Classic Truck: George Conrad  Huron, OH   1969 F-350  
Modern Truck: Kim Mills   Fremont, OH   1993 Lightning
Late Model Mustang: Mike & Kim Guerassimoff     Erie, PA   1993 Mustang
Open Ford: Jerry Crawford  Monroeville, OH   1974 Bronco
Best Interior: Jeff Nimon  North Ridgeville, OH   2014 Mustang
Best Engine: Clint Chaney  Columbia Station, OH   2008 Mustang
Best Paint: Ed & Kathy Williams  Madison, OH   2008 F-450   
Best Of Show: Dominick Farbo   Williamsville, NY   1965 Mustang
Director’s Choice Awards:
·    Best Early Mustang 
·    Winner :  Rod Patrick    Mentor, OH  1965 Mustang
·    Best Modern Mustang 
·    Winner: Ron Lardie    Ritchfield, OH   2021 Mustang 
·    Best Street Rod  Pre-’49
·    Winner:  Tom Sloma    Sandusky, OH   1924 Model T
·    Best Late Ford ’49-Up 
·    Winner: Larry Bilhardt  Huron, OH   1964 Fairlane
·    Best Ford Truck 
·    Winner: Rick Bennett   Indiana, PA    2011 Roush F-150
·    Best Race Car/Pro Street 
·    Winner: Chad Lopresti     Elyria, OH   1992 Mustang
·    Directors Choice Conservative
·    Winner: Tony Rottinger   Parma, OH   1990 Mustang
·    Directors Choice Modified
·    Winner: Dave Parisot    Antwerp, OH    1970/2005 Mustang 
  • Mustang 64-70
  • Outstanding: Paul Stegall   Parma, OH   1966 Mustang
  • Winner:  Dominick Farbo   Williamsville, NY   1965 Mustang  
  • Mustang 79-93
  • Outstanding: Tony Rottinger    Parma, OH   1990 Mustang
  • Winner: Jason Krall    Lyndhurst, OH   1990 Mustang
  • Mustang 94-98 
  • Winner: Jason Siek  Sylvanin, OH   1994 Mustang
  • Mustang 99-04
  • Winner: Michael Filous     South Euclid, OH   2001 Mustang
  • Mustang 05-14
  • Outstanding:  Shawn Warton   Cleveland, OH   2006 Mustang
  • Winner: Joel Kopp   Elma, NY   2013 Mustang
  • Mustang 15-Current
  • Outstanding: Kimberly Mills   Fremont, OH  2019 Mustang 
  • Winner:  Rich Diffenbacher    North Ridgeville, OH  2016 Mustang   
  • SVT & Cobra Mustang 
  • Winner: Ralph Ferry   Columbia Station, OH   2004 Mustang
  • Shelby & Boss 
  • Outstanding: Susan Moore   Sheffield Lake, OH   2014 Shelby GT
  • Winner: Ron Henehan   Avon Lake, OH  2016 Mustang
  • Ford Full Size Cars All Years
  • Winner: Jack Bakewell     Milan, OH    1962 Galaxie
  • Ford Full Size Truck All Years
  • Outstanding: Dale Wood
  • Winner: Dave Roberson   Belleview, OH   1969 F-100
  • Ford Lightning 
  • Winner: Kimberly Mills   Fremont, OH  1993 Lightning
  • Bronco 2021 - Present
  • Outstanding: Steve Jasko   Avon Lake, OH  2022 Bronco
  • Winner: Dave Krall   Hinckley, OH   2022 Bronco
  • Race Car & Pro Street Modified Only
  • Winner: Chad Lopresti    Elyria, OH   1992 Mustang
  • Compact Ford 
  • Winner: Aaron Pugh  Canton, OH   2016 Focus
  • Open Ford (For vehicles that do not fit into above classes)  
  • Winner: Jim Billingsley   Norwalk, OH   1965 Cobra
  • Best Paint & Body
  • Winner: Jeff Nimon   North Ridgeville, OH   2014 Mustang
  • Best Engine:
  • Winner:  Dominick Farbo   Williamsville, NY   1965 Mustang   
  • Best Interior:
  • Winner: Peter Dunbar    Detroit, MI    2006 Mustang  
NMRA Best of Show Award:
  • Best of Show 
  • Winner: Rick Bennett    Indiana, PA   2011 Roush F-150

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