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Keep the crankcase pressure down with CFM's Valve Cover Breathers

Posted By: Steve Baur

In the world of high performance, Valve Cover Breathers have become a staple under the hood. CFM Performance has been in the game for years, so it knows the importance of proper crankcase ventilation.

CFM’s Valve Cover Breathers not only relieve positive crankcase pressure, but it’s also the only one on the market incorporating a one-way check ball to keep unmetered air from entering the air intake tract.

CFM’s Valve Cover Breathers also feature an integrated baffle designed to keep oil particles in the engine rather than allowing them to exit the valve cover and saturate the breather’s cleanable filter element.

These breathers are a direct replacement for your factory oil fill cap, made in the USA from 6061 aluminum, and they’re available in several color choices for just about every Ford, GM, Dodge or Import vehicle at

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