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NMRA Rule Clarifications September 13, 2017

Posted By: Mike Galimi
The NMRA Technical Committee made a clutch rule Clarification/Adjustment yesterday in G-Force Racing Transmission Coyote Stock and Richmond Gear Factory Stock. The rule clarification was necessary due to several inquiries regarding a component that would be legal without the clarification, but disrupt the balance of the category. In an effort to eliminate the new component, the committee clarified the clutch engagement/dis-engagement rules. In those changes, a popular device that has been used for the past few seasons fell victim to the new ruling. After a short Tech Committee discussion today with manufacturers, the Clutch Tamer will continue to be permitted and allowed, provided it is unmodified from the manufacturer. The online rule book for Coyote Stock and Factory Stock reflects the new clutch wording as well as the continued allowance of the unmodified Clutch Tamer. NMRA Rules Page Link:

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