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NMRA Tech Committee releases Coyote Stock technical update

Posted By: Steve Baur
There are some technical updates for the 2021 NMRA G-Force Racing Transmissions Coyote Stock category, as more cars are finished and some challenges have come to our attention.
  • The latest ECU calibration was done in late January 2021 and it solves the IMRC trouble code that has been triggered on some vehicles utilizing the original calibration.
  • MSD Two-Step Rev-Limiter should be hooked up as originally stated: The MSD Ignition 2-Step (PN 87311) worked successfully in the test engine by reversing the factory coil connector wires on the number-three cylinder located on the passenger side, third one back, and it is the coil-on-plug coil. In the event that there is a ticking noise at idle, the plug on the harness must be reversed as well. Please note, the NMRA/Ford Performance test vehicle didn't require the second wire swap, while several competitors have experienced the ticking noise and this solution fixed it. Under no circumstances should you remove the internal guide clip to fit the plugs together. It is acceptable to re-pin and use the Gen 2 style plug for this connection.
  • The oil pressure warning is being addressed and updates will be provided as soon as new information is available.
Please Note: Ford Performance is currently the only authorized group to re-flash Coyote Stock ECUs. NMRA Tech will be capable of performing the process during all Holley NMRA Ford National and NMCA Muscle Car National events. A running vehicle is required for NMRA/NMCA tech to perform the tune installation/update.

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