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NMRA Technical Committee Adjusts Steeda Limited Street Rules

Posted By: Mike Galimi
In an effort to maintain parity and keep the class growing and developing, the NMRA technical committee made the decision to adjust a few areas of the Steeda Limited Street category. "We said from the beginning we were going to keep a close eye on Limited Street and make swift changes if something appeared to not add up," commented NMRA tech director Lonnie Grim. Effective immediately, the base weights of the turbocharged combinations have been increased, refer to the link below for the changes. Upon further review, the NMRA tech committee has also removed 100 pounds from the nitrous combinations and will closely monitor those changes as well. For turbocharged entries that prefer a lighter base weight, a new smaller spec turbocharger option has been added to the list of choices. Grim concluded, "there were some amazing performances at the Spring Break Shootout and looking at incremental times from all of the runs, we felt a change was needed to keep this class growing, flourishing, and remain fair across all combinations. We will continue to monitor the performances and make adjustments as necessary." Steeda Limited Street

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