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Posted By: Steve Baur
June 6, 2019 The NMRA Technical Department and Ford Performance engineers have researched and discussed several areas of concern with the Gen II Coyote Stock engines with racers and engine builders. The extreme conditions of the category can result in issues that might affect power and/or performance. Due to these findings, the NMRA Tech Department will allow the following components to be replaced under NMRA Tech supervision. This optional upgrade is limited to the following two parts only:
  1. Gen II Cam Phaser's may be replaced with PART # -M-6004-A50R 2015-2017 5.0L/5.2L Coyote High Performance Cam Phaser
  2. Gen II VCT Solenoids may be replaced with PART # -M-6297-M50A - 5.0L High Strength VCT Solenoids
Under no circumstances can any seals be removed without an NMRA representative present during an official and scheduled tear-down. Beginning with the NMRA Ford Motorsports Nationals at Maple Grove Raceway (Mohnton, PA) over the weekend of June 27-30, 2019, any Coyote Stock (GEN 2 engine) competitor has the opportunity to replace either/both the Cam Phaser's and/or VCT Solenoids with the approved part numbers from Ford Performance under NMRA supervision only. Coyote Stock racers attending the NMRA Ford Motorsport Nationals may arrive pre-event on Thursday, June 27, 2019, as parking will be open early from 9am until 1pm for Coyote Stock racers in order to prepare early for a scheduled teardown. Racer gates will then open as normal, beginning on Thursday, at 1pm 6pm for all other racers. An NMRA tech official will be dedicated to supervising the parts swap starting at 11am on Thursday and 9AM to 6PM on Friday and Saturday. Racers who are unable to attend the Ford Motorsports Nationals or elect to change these parts at a later date will have the option at any future NMRA or NMCA event. Those looking to do so will need to contact the NMRA Tech department at [email protected] to schedule the tear-down, as it requires certain equipment for re-sealing the engines, as well as a dedicated NMRA tech staff member. NMRA TECHINCAL DEPARTMENT

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