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Red Line Oil Break-In Oil 40

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Red Line Oil Break-In Oil 40 
After spending countless hours and dollars putting together a new engine combination or even a rebuild, breaking it in properly ensures its longevity and performance.
To ensure that the process is properly executed,  Red Line Oil developed its Engine Break-in Oil. Engineered with 2,900 ppm of Zinc and 2, 600 ppm of Phosphorus to help seat piston rings and protect camshafts and valvetrains. Mixed from high-quality conventional base oils it doesn’t require any additional additives to ensure a proper break-in.
Using the proper Break-In oil, like Red Line 40 will ensure longevity and peak performance for many miles and trips down the drag strip.
To learn more contact Red Line Oil at 707/745-6100 or visit:
Red Line Oil Break-In Oil 40 

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