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Rules Clarification for Coyote Stock and Limited Street

Posted By: Scott Sparrow
Coyote Stock
  1. The NMRA Technical Committee has had several inquires about certain clutch engagement/dis-engagement techniques. The NMRA technical committee felt it necessary to clarify the clutch rules, so that the rule is perfectly clear on the subject. The Online rule set for Coyote Stock has been updated with this clarification.
Link to NMRA Coyote Stock Rules:   Limited Street
  1. Racers have had questions regarding the 3-inch diameter/12-inch length exhaust rule. We have cleaned up the wording to be more clear.
  1. After more research and independent testing, the nitrous jet limitations on cross-bar plate systems has been updated. Additionally, cross-bar plates that use a single nitrous entry with a single nitrous jet follow the single plate rules.
  The Online rule set for Limited Street has been updated with these Clarifications. Link to NMRA Limited Street Rules:

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