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Shelby American Adds Kash Singh Recently of Ford Motor Company to Management Team

Posted By: Evan J. Smith

Shelby American Adds Kash Singh Recently of Ford Motor Company to Management Team 

Shelby American, a wholly owned subsidiary of Carroll Shelby International Inc. (CSBI:PK), has announced that industry veteran Kash Singh has joined the company’s successful management team as Sales and Marketing Manager. Singh was most recently with Ford Motor Company, where he last served as Global Ford Performance Enthusiast Marketing Manager and in other key roles since 2004. 

“Over the past 60 years, Shelby American has continually added top talent to the team,” said Gary Patterson, president of Shelby American. “Our tremendous success this year led us to enhance our production and distribution teams to keep pace with demand for world-class Shelby cars and trucks. Moving into 2023, we’re working closely with Ford Motor Company to expand US and international operations with our current lineup and planned new vehicles. We believe Kash Singh’s experience will be of tremendous value as we develop those programs.”

In his new role, Singh will lead Shelby American’s sales efforts and help implement strategic objectives for the company. Singh will be part of the product development team, working closely with the Shelby American R&D department and Ford Motor Company to create new vehicles for worldwide distribution. He will support dealers and provide input on marketing programs.

“Working for Shelby American is a dream for any enthusiast,” said Kash Singh, Shelby American Sales and Marketing Manager. “I look forward to leveraging a lifetime of learning gained at Ford, one of the most successful car companies in the world, for Shelby American, one of the most famous carmakers of all time. It is thrilling to contribute to Carroll Shelby’s legacy through the development and distribution of the exciting vehicles that roll out of Shelby American.”

A serious automobile enthusiast, Singh developed extensive aftermarket parts, service and accessory culture knowledge through his time in the corporate OEM environment and retail sales. He has extensive expertise in business strategy, marketing, sales and product development.

In addition to working at Ford Motor Company, Singh is a lifelong performance enthusiast. He, like the rest of the executive team, enjoys high-performance motoring and actively participates in various motorsports events. Singh has built, tested and raced a Ford Mustang at Pikes Peak for the past 11 years and owns several records at the International Hill Climb.

Singh is based at the Shelby American headquarters in Las Vegas. He will make his first official public appearance as part of the Shelby American team at the 2022 FuelFest Las Vegas this weekend. Shelby American will display its current line of vehicles and give Drift demonstrations at Las Vegas Motor Speedway.

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