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Show West—All manner of American muscle machines put on an impressive display at World Wide Technology Raceway

Posted By: Evan J. Smith

Show West—All manner of American muscle machines put on an impressive display at World Wide Technology Raceway


Written by Steve Turner

Photography by Dr. Rudy Rouweyha and Evan J. Smith


As the Holley NMRA Ford Nationals and Red Line Oil NMCA Muscle Car Nationals headed west to Race For The Rings, there weren’t just amazing muscle cars on the race track. Between the times when jet cars lit up the drag strip and  FMX Freestyle Motocross riders flew through the air, fans could also enjoy an impressive display of muscle cars from the Big Three automakers.


Just steps away from the World Wide Technology Raceway’s storied drag strip were rows of amazing vehicles on display within the UPR Products-backed car show. From AMX and Anglia to Regal and Shelby, there was something for everyone on the property to enjoy. 


Of course, with such a wide range of machines on display, the judges from the host car club, the Southern Illinois Mustang Association, were challenged to pick the most deserving rides to roll away with awards. We are highlighting some of those winners here, but to see them all you must plan to attend next year’s event. Until then, enjoy some highlights from the show field.



Your scribe has a soft spot for SVT Cobras from the SN-95 era, and Jason Serio’s 1994 Mustang Cobra convertible is a fine example from that era. It scored the Best Mustang ’94-’04 honors.


One of the most under-appreciated eras for Ford’s pony car, the Mustang II kept the lineage going through tough times. These days they aren’t common, but when you see one, they stand out. Kim Strickell’s 1978 Mustang II earned Special Recognition honors at World Wide Technology Raceway.


Exuding all those classic hot rod vibes, Craig Miller’s 1931 Ford brought the old-school performance look to the UPR Products Car Show. His ride rumbled away with the Open Ford award.


Shout out to the Southern Illinois Mustang Association for serving as the host club for the UPR Products Car Show at the NMRA/NMCA Race for the Rings & Thrill Festival.

2024 NMRA NMCA St.Louis Car Show Award Winners
Special Recognition Awards:
1. Jack Garris   Union, MO    1969 Mustang
2. Rob O’Neal   1969 Camaro
3. Dave Duvall   New Haven, MO    1969 Chevy P/U
4. Barry Wallner    Carlinville, IL   1957 Chevrolet 5700
5.  Andrew Coulter  Petersburg, IL   2017 F-150 
6. Jess Gatlin   Belleville, IL   2013 Mustang
7. Larry Balch  Ferguson, MO    1948 Chevy Sedan Delivery
8. Mike Castrale  Lebanon, IL   1996 Pontiac Firebird
9. Colin Davis Granite City, IL     1968 AMC AMX
10. Michael Hayden   Villa Ridge, MO   1969 Chrysler New Yorker
11. Larry Baker   Granite City, IL    1973 Pontiac GTO
12. Paul Clark   Barnhart, MO   1959 Cadillac
13. Pete Pfister   St.Charles, MO    1969 Chevelle
14. Robert Dalton   Litchfield, IL    1970 Plymouth Cuda
15. Paul Oelklaus   St.Peters, MO     1963 Anglia
16. John & Sherrie Sanders    O’Fallon, MO   1965 Chevy Malibu Wagon
17. Catherine & Clyde Dunphy    Pleasant Plains, IL   2014 Mustang
18. Dan Mueller    Troy, IL    1965 Mustang
19. Rick Sudowski    Belleville, IL   Ford Thunderbird
20. Kim Strickell   Highland, IL   1978 Mustang II
21. Ray Biver    Fairview Heights, IL    1969 Olds 442
22. Barry Walner   Carlinville, IL      1957 Chevy Sedan Delivery
23. Bobby Strobel   St. Jacob, IL   1972 Chevy Blazer
24. Terry Gatlin   Memphis, TN      2015 Mustang
25. Gerald Zielinski    St. Louis, MO     1940 Chevrolet
Directors Choice Awards:
·   Best GM Muscle
·   Winner: Larry Baker   Granite City, IL  1973 Pontiac GTO   
·   Best Ford Muscle
·   Winner: Jack Garris    Union, MO    1969 Mustang     
·   Best Chrysler Muscle 
·   Winner: Robert Dalton   Litchfield, IL    1970 Plymouth Cuda
·   Best Late Model
·   Winner: Colin Davis Granite City, IL     1968 AMC AMX  
·   Best Street Rod
·   Winner: Mike & Diane Mclemore  Washington, IN    1970 Chevrolet Coupe
·   Best Traditional Hot Rod
·   Winner: Larry Balch    1948 Chevy Sedan Delivery    
·   Best Pro Street/Race Car
·   Winner:  Barry Wallner     Carlinville, IL   1957 Chevy Sedan Delivery  
·   Best Truck
·   Winner: Barry Wallner    Carlinville, IL   1957 Chevrolet 5700
·   FSC Editors Choice Best Classic
·   Winner: Jocko Ferguson     Granite City, IL   1970 Olds Cutlass
·   FSC Editors Choice Best Modern
·   Winner: Catherine & Clyde Dunphy   Pleasant Plains, IL   2014 Mustang
·   Best Engine
·   Winner: Dave Duvall    New Haven, MO    1969 Chevy P/U 
·   Best Interior
·   Winner: Mike Castrale  Lebanon, IL   1996 Pontiac Firebird
·   Best Paint
·   Winner: Pete Pfister   St.Charles, MO    1969 Chevelle  
·   Directors Choice Conservative
·   Winner: Rob O’Neal    1969 Camaro
·   Directors Choice Modified
·   Winner: Pete Oelklaus  St.Peters, MO     1963 Anglia
·   Camaro 67-69 
·   Winner: Mick Price    Atwood, IL    1969 Camaro
·   Camaro Gen 6
·   Winner: Mike Samra    St.Louis, MO    2019 Camaro  
·   Firebird All years
·   Winner: Mike Castrale  Lebanon, IL   1996 Pontiac Firebird 
·   Nova 68-Up
·   Winner: Keith Flood   St.Charles, MO    1970 Nova SS
·   GM G-Body (Monte Carlo/Regal/Grand Prix/Cutlass)
·   Winner:  Craig Powell    St.Louis, MO   1987 Buick Regal
·   Corvette 53- 82
·   Winner: Tim Rowan   Pacific, MO   1967 Corvette
·   Early Chevrolet Up to 49’
   Winner: Mike & Diane Mclemore  Washington, IN  1970 Chevrolet Coupe
·   GM Full Size All Years 
·   Winner: Joe Lewis    St.Louis, MO   2014 Impala
·   55-56-57 Chevy 
·   Winner: Ron Feldman    St.Peters, MO   1957 Nomad
·   Full Size Truck All Years 
·   Winner: Dave Duvall    New Haven, MO   1969 Chevrolet 4X4  
·   GM Compact Truck All Years 
·   Winner: John Gales   Kirkwood, MO   1993 S-10
·   Open GM (For GM vehicles that do not fit into above classes)
·   Winner: Ernie Blackburn    Hazelwood, MO    2003 Monte Carlo
·   Best GM of Show 
·   Winner: Dave Duvall    New Haven, MO   1969 Chevrolet 4X4    
·   Mustang 64-78
·   Winner: Larry Wesleman   Belleville, IL   1969 Mustang
·   Mustang 79-93
·   Winner:  Steve Strickell    Highland, IL   1986 Mustang
·   Mustang 94-04
·   Winner: Jason Serio   St.Charles, MO      1994 Mustang
·   Mustang 05-14’
·   Winner:   Catherine & Clyde Dunphy   Pleasant Plains, IL   2014 Mustang 
·   Mustang  15- 23’
·   Winner:  Chris Cobb    Florissant, MO   2019 Mustang
·   SVT & Cobra Mustang 
·   Winner:  Rick Miller    St.Charles, MO    2001 Cobra Mustang
·   Shelby & Boss 
·   Winner:  Steve Golz     Montgomery, IL    2021 Shelby Mustang
·   Ford Compact Truck All Years 
·   Winner:  Bob Adney    Florissant, MO   1923 Ford
·   Ford Lightning 
·   Winner:  Mac & Bonnie McCormick   Edwardsville, IL   1993 Lightning
·   Open Ford (For Ford vehicles that do not fit into above classes )
·   Winner:  Craig Miller    Belleville, IL   1931 Ford
·   Best Ford of Show 
·   Winner: Mac & Bonnie McCormick   Edwardsville, IL   1993 Lightning 
·   Chrysler E-Body (Challenger/Barracuda) 
·   Winner: Robert Dalton   Litchfield, IL    1970 Plymouth Cuda  
·   Open Chrysler 
·   Winner:  Steve Luber    St. Charles, MO     2002 Dodge Stratus
·   Best Chrysler of Show 
·   Winner: David Miller     Missouri    2016 Challenger Hellcat
·   Best Engine 
·   Winner: Ron Feldman    St.Peters, MO   1957 Chevy Nomad
·   Best Interior 
·   Winner: Blade Telefson   Centralia, IL     2015 Mustang
·   Best Body & Paint 
·   Winner: Joe Lewis   St. Louis, MO    2014 Implala
        Best of Show 
        Winner: Ron Feldman   St.Peters, MO    1957 Chevy Nomad

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