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Sign Up Racer Text Messenger System Continues in 2018

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Last summer, NMRA officials rolled out the Racer Text Message System as a means to communicate better with racers. This valuable tool is used to announce scheduling updates, staging lane calls, weather alerts, driver meetings, and much more through an event weekend. The Racer Text Message System will become even more valuable as we enter 2018. We encourage all racers and crews to sign up for the Racer Text Message System, as important and valuable information will be posted to rather than Facebook. The role of Facebook is transitioning to event results, news, entertainment, and basic general information regarding the events. Specific racer event details like competition daily scheduling, rules updates, points updates, racer announcements, and other more direct communication with the competition segment of NMRA will be posted on the NMRA website and alerts will be sent through the Racer Text Message System. We invite each of you to take the time enroll in the NMRA Racer Text Message System by following the simple steps on the instruction link <<HERE>>. Thank You, Rollie Miller General Manager

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