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Specialty Award Winners Holley NMRA Ford Nationals Recognizes Racers & Crews

Posted By: Steve Baur
The Holley NMRA Ford Nationals completed an incredible season of drag racing and the five-event schedule, due to COVID-19, provided some compelling racing and story lines. Annual specialty awards include Driver of the Year, Sportsman of the Year, Ambassador of the Year, and the Jim Swarr Crew Member of the Year. These time-honored awards celebrate extraordinary people in our racing community that make the NMRA the #1 all-Ford motorsport series in the U.S. Large-size Victor awards will be sent to each winner and custom acrylic awards will be sent to each nominee in appreciation of their commitment to NMRA drag racing. Watch for special coverage of these awards in an upcoming issue of Fastest Street Car. DRIVER OF THE YEAR Bill Putnam - WINNER Frank Paultanis Samantha Moore SPORTSMAN OF THE YEAR Jacob Lamb - WINNER Jim Johnson Gordon Harlow AMBASSADOR OF THE YEAR Shane Williams - WINNER Mark Mainiero Cliff Moore JIM SWARR CREW MEMBER OF THE YEAR Ed Bennett III - WINNER Charlie McCulloch Doug Thompson

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