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Statement of Action Against Participant – March 7, 2023

Posted By: NMRA Tech Committee
Charlie Booze, Jr., Coyote Stock Car #3398, was disqualified from the NMRA Spring Break Shootout event in his Coyote Stock entry. Following the Final Round in post round Tech/Contingency Verification, Booze’s entry was found to have installed a crankcase ventilation system that is prohibited by the Oiling System rule. Specifically, the “Any external oil pumps, oil lines, vacuum pump/crankcase ventilation system, or any other oil system add-on is prohibited.” Rule.
This infraction resulted in Charlie Booze being disqualified from the NMRA Spring Break Shootout, forfeiting the event win in Coyote Stock. The Disqualification results in Loss of all points from the NMRA Spring Break Shootout event including Tech-IN, Qualifying, Eliminations and Record Points. Competitor may not use the NMRA Spring Break Shootout event as his dropped race for 2023. Competitor will not be eligible for any point bonus for attending all 6 events in 2023. This disqualification is not appealable.
The NMRA Competition Department is in the process of reviewing this disqualification to determine what further action will be taken.

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