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Sunday Coverage 15th Annual NMRA Ford Super Nationals

Posted By: Mike Galimi
After a rain-shortened program yesterday, racers are ready to rev up and roll into eliminations on this final day of the 15th Annual NMRA Ford Super Nationals at National Trail Raceway in Hebron, Ohio. They'll be focused on going rounds, gaining points and getting to the Aerospace Components Winner's Circle at this fourth of six races on this year's tour. Pictured above is Mike Ciborowski, who is the second person in Steeda Limited Street history to take the top qualifier. It has been the Kelly Shotwell show this season, but he had to bow out of competition due to a bent crankshaft. Ciborowski did take the top spot rather handily with an 8.74 at 155 mph, the second quickest run in the category's short history. The combination is a Coyote 5.0 with a VMP Performance supercharger. Eric Holliday of JPC Racing has been working on the tune-up, keeping the red rocket in the 8s all weekend long. With the first round of eliminations completed yesterday for index categories, VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw and Edelbrock Renegade, we'll start the day with the second round of eliminations for index categories at 9 a.m., with ARP Open Comp drivers having first crack at the freshly-prepped track. If you can't catch today's action in person, catch it on a SpeedVideo broadcast offered via sponsors E3 Spark Plugs, Comp Cams, US Gear, Flying A Motorsports, Moroso, Champion Cooling and McLeod Racing. For the second time in as many races it will be Andy Manson facing Manny Buginga in the final round of VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw. The ProCharger machine of Manson has been nothing short of spectacular as tuner Jason Lee of PTP Racing and crew chief Chris Acors of Acors Performance have set low et of every round with a best of 4.40 at 167 mph to start eliminations. He will have lane choice against Buginga due to a strange malfunction of the computer system. Buginga was clearly the winner of his first round pairing against Nick Bacalis as it was confirmed by the top-end spotters and the Speed Video replay. Both racers got the green light and as they left the starting pad, the clocks malfunctioned. Buginga felt the clean hit was in the high 4.40s, not enough for lane choice even if he got a time slip. Manson is looking exact revenge for last month's loss, he had the quicker car with a 4.39 and Buginga ran 4.40. The difference, however, was on the starting line where Buginga got the advantage and lit the win light. Manson has also been in every single final round of 2018. Charlie Booze Jr. may have missed the first few races on this year's tour, but he's more than making up for it as he flew to a 10.36 to set the pace in G-Force Racing Coyote Modified this weekend, and followed it moments ago with a 10.38 to win first round of eliminations. Helping Booze Jr. who's frequently in a wild wheelstand achieve that is a stout car and combination consisting of Justin Fogelsonger's Mustang, a sealed Gen 1 Coyote engine and a G-Force Racing Transmissions-built G-101A transmission. "We're one of the few drivers left running the Gen 1 Coyote engine, and it's going about as good as it can be," said Booze Jr., who has been focusing on adjustments to his Spec clutch as of late. While Kent Nine has been behind the wheel of Brenspeed's 2016 Mustang in Steeda Limited Street this year, he has his sights set on climbing back into his familiar black 2006 Mustang convertible in time for the 13th Annual NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street Legal Drag Racing, July 26-29 at Route 66 Raceway in Illinois. The car, which used to have under the hood a Three-Valve engine, now has a Cobra Jet Coyote engine paired with a Roush Performance TVS supercharger. We're wrapping things up with the car and we're down to wiring and brake lines, so I should be out with it soon, said Nine. It looks like Charlie Booze Jr., will be losing his "King of the Wheelstand" crown after this run by John Leslie Jr., in the first round of eliminations in Richmond Gear Factory Stock against Dan Ryntz, who took the round. Andy Manson completed the NMRA SuperNationals exactly how he spent yesterday by being the quickest and baddest car on the property. The VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw winner took a tight final round against Manny Buginga, 4.43 at 167 mph to the turbocharged 4.48 at 165 mph effort. Brian Mitchell took his first win of 2018 in Edelbrock Renegade as Frank Varela timed out and Mitchell eased down track for the easy win. Mitchell beat Tony Hobson in the semifinals with a 7.47 at 183 mph and Hobson was a tick slower with a 7.48 at 184 mph. After earning a win in QA1 True Street at the race in Atlanta in April, Ben Calimer decided to test the waters in Steeda Limited Street, and it seems to be a fit for him and his 2016 Mustang with a stock 302 cubic-inch engine and VMP supercharger. He ran a 9.61 to qualify in the sixth spot, and was going rounds in eliminations today, and by the sounds of it, he'll stay put in the exciting new category. "It's a good class with tight competition," said Calimer, who was draining water out of his car's ice tank when we stopped by. Haley James came to this race as the points leader in ProCharger Coyote Modified, and as cool, calm and collected as could be,'she gave it everything she had and then some to stay there. She popped off a 7.779 to qualify in the second spot in her red, white and blue rocket, and advanced all the way to the final, where she broke the beams to earn a trip to the Aerospace Components Winner's Circle when her opponent wasn't present.


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