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Sunday Coverage 19th Annual Nitto Tire NMRA All-Ford World Finals

Posted By: Ainsley Jacobs
Sunday, Sunday, SUNDAY! It's race day and it's anyone's guess as to who will get the win in each category today. Will the heavy-hitters bring it home, or will an underdog snatch the victory Stick with us as we bring you coverage and results all day long, then celebrate our newly-crowned champions in the Aerospace Components Winner's Circle as we conclude the 2017 NMRA Keystone Automotive drag racing season this evening. Don't forget to stop by the Powermall today for your last chance to pick up a commemorative NMRA or NMCA t-shirt, hoodie, or hat! We've got great options for men, women, and children, and with the year coming to a close, you won't want to miss out on the special deals and sales we've got going on for a limited time only. #stickshiftlife is what Boston, Massachusetts, resident Ken Berry chalked up his shredded ring and pinion to, after the 840rwhp monster annihilated the gears on Saturday. After driving 22 hours to the NMRA World Finals, Berry wasn't about to pack up and go home. He checked with his neighbors and found a new ring and pinion two doors down, and the Moser Engineering staff on the midway pressed the new bearings on for him. Berry is competing in Exedy Racing Clutch Modular Muscle this weekend, and hopefully the new parts will get him through the weekend. "The racing community is really great here," Berry told us. "People were more than happy to help us out." Former NMRA Pure Street racer John Ginter didn't get his Mustang ready in time to run it in QA1 True Street this weekend, so his '67 Fairlane was put into service and its quite possible there's a far more interesting story with this car. The Fairlane is a beautiful example and packs a 408CI Windsor backed by a Tremec five-speed transmission. His father bought it and the two worked on it together, with John eventually driving the car to high school and taking ownership of it after graduation. He and his father eventually restored the car and took the first drive together, along with John's young son. The top 8 stick-shifted True Street cars are set to do battle today after round two of Coyote Stock. Surprisingly, last year's winner and runner up at this event, Nick Shortridge and Mike Niehaus failed to make it through True Street. Leading the quick eight is a trio of Floridians, with Anthony Hear who won the stock shift shootout in Bradenton earlier this year followed by Chris Crosby and Heard's cousin, Karl Goin (pictured). Before Heard made the switch to a turbocharged small-block, he ran a carbureted Windsor combination and some of those components now reside in Goin's silver notchback. Going into eliminations today, Heard has the field easily covered by over a second, taking into account that his 9.11-second average yesterday doesn't represent the car's full potential. Speaking of QA1 True Street, yesterday's >>>results are located here<<<. Larry Geddes had his game face on this morning as he pulled his 90 Ford Mustang up to the lanes to start the first eliminations session of Aerospace Components Open Comp. The Triangle Speed Shop crew was putting the final touches on their stable as things got started here at Beech Bend Raceway Park this morning. With several cars flying the TSS flag, including Richmond Gear Factory Stock racer James Meredith's 03 Mach 1, it'll be a busy day for the group as they do their best to go rounds. Dyno Joe Cram worked his way through his morning warm-up and seemed pretty pumped with his 06 Saleen Mustang. He came in to the game a little late this weekend, but inserted himself in to the number six spot in ProCharger Coyote Modified qualifying and now has the potential to upset the points race for the other contenders. Valerie Clements of Central, South Carolina had some trouble keeping the front end down on her supercharged 05 Mustang during Edelbrock Renegade qualifying. Despite moving more weight to the business end, the car kept pulling up into a wheelie. She's made a few minor suspension adjustments but the plan now is to hit it harder on the launch in hopes that the car will go forward instead of up as she faces her brother, Alton Clements, in the first round of eliminations. Matt Amrine has got high hopes for his BES Racing Engines-powered 98 Mustang GT aka The Black Pickle as he qualified at the top of the pack in Race Pages Factory Stock qualifying with a 10.604 at 126.13 mph blast. Tuner Brandon Alsept has been working the keyboard to make the magic happen, and Amrine is heading into eliminations in the number two spot for the championship chase, just 70 points behind the current leader, Dan Ryntz. We had a special guest take over the mic for a few minutes, as we welcomed NMRA Aerospace Open Comp racer Brent Carver to the tower. Carver qualified number two in the massive class on a perfect 0.000-second reaction time, then took the win this morning in the first eliminations round. Meanwhile, his awesome wife, Sharon Carver, is busy running the NMRA Powermall in the midway, his mother, Judy Carver, had some fun tearing it up in last night's True Street competition, and his father, Don Carver, raced in B2 today. A big fan of NMRA racing and often following it from his home in Quebec, Canada, Bill Sheehan (at left) brought his 2003 Cobra and his pit crew to the NMRA finals in Bowling Green to take part in the GT500 vs. Terminator shootout. Sheehan's car has been touched by the very capable hands at Dez Racing and remotely tuned by the Pal Beach Dyno folks, and turns the dyno rollers to over 1,000 hp. The trio traveled some 30 hours to get here, and they have made it through a couple of rounds in the shootout so far. Sheehan hopes to find himself in the Aerospace Components Winner's Circle and take home the Victor trophy before the day is done. Eliminations results can be found >>>HERE<<<

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