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Taylor Cable Colored Spark Plug Wires

Posted By: Evan J. Smith
Taylor Cable Colored Spark Plug Wires
Keeping a clean engine bay is part of hot rodding. Whether it’s a street or track car, neat and clean wiring and tubing makes things look nice and work nice, too.
Back in the day brightly colored spark plug wires were a statement piece in any engine compartment. Among the brightest were those offered by Taylor Cable, and the company is celebrating its retro roots by bringing those wires back in yellow, orange, green, purple, pink, and gray alongside its steadfast black, red, and blue offerings.
But more than just a pretty face, these wires shrug off as much as 600 degrees and retain flexibility throughout their long life. Moreover, their spiral core delivers RFI/EMI suppression to prevent interference with onboard electronics while delivering just 350 ohms per foot of resistance and a 65,000-volt rating. Meanwhile, their low-profile silicone pro boots provide durability and double spring lock spark plug terminals ensure a secure connection.
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