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Thursday Coverage Borla Exhaust NMRA/NMCA All Star Nationals presented by Miller Welders

Posted By: Mike Galimi
We underway for the Borla Exhaust 8th Annual NMRA/NMCA All Star Nationals presented by Miller Welders and the talk in the pits has been the Ford Performance oil pump upgrade. The seals have been cracked open under the watchful supervision of NMRA tech official Frank Hoffman. The job takes several hours and some racers parked yesterday to get an early jump on the swap today. Louis_Sylvester_FS_NMRA copyAs many racers were talking about the rush of Coyotes into American Racing Headers Factory Stock, Louis Sylvester Jr. quietly added a 5.0 engine. Only the twist in this story is that he chose to return his 302ci pushrod engine. The Zapp Racing Engines built engine features the GT40 induction pacakge and while he hasn't tested. Sylvester had run 10.70s with his 4.6 Two-valve, so deduction reasoning points to plans on going quicker than that setup. Beefcake_NMRA_VortechTerry "Beefcake" Reeves is back in NMRA competition with his main car, a 2011 Mustang GT, which underwent a major reconstruction. The Rogue Race Cars built chassis features a SFI 25.3 chassis and stuffed under the hood is a BES-built Coyote engine. Beefcake helped blaze the trail in ProCharger Coyote Modified category before stepping up to Edelbrock Renegade. He ran a few events last year with his 2015 Mustang street car and now his racecar is completed. Fastened to the front of the engine is a Vortech YSi-B-X, a new generation of supercharger designed for Renegade competition. VP_Racing_Fuels_NMRAVP Racing Fuels has plenty of fuel for racers from Pro Mod down to Factory Stock and pretty much whatever fuel you need for your racecar. Tyler CrosnoeThat is Tyler Crossnoe, track prep guru, who has been at Atlanta Dragway all week working the track crew on preparing the new surface for a weekend of Pro Mod and Radial racers. He spent the day dragging and cleaning the surface. The track had the first 400 feet replaced in the off-season, which should help track conditions for this type of racing. TJ "El Prepe" Bailey, official NMRA starter and track prep wizard, will be on track tomorrow to pick up where Crossnoe left off. MG1_8163 copyonly because it is cool. MG1_8189 copyThe Enemy this weekend the VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw class is combined with the NMCA version of the category. It makes for a wild field of 275 radial action. There are plenty of cars on the property already to defend the NMRA honor, including defending champion Phil Hines. Others in attendance include Manny Buginga, Charles Hull, Dwayne Barbaree, and Joel Greathouse driving the Johnston family racecar.

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