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Torque Management with HalTech's Elite 2500-T

Posted By: Scott Sparrow
If you've been around the NMRA circuit, then no doubt you are familiar with Mike Jovanis and his 1989 Mustang. Up until recently he used a mess of electronic boxes to control a DiSomma Racing Engines-built 347ci small-block and Forced Inductions 88mm turbo. EFI was controlled by a Haltech Platinum Sport 2000, which was aided by MSD Grid and an AMS 1000. For the 2016 race season he planned to simplify tuning and even add a few features by eliminating nearly all of these boxes, and employing a new Haltech Elite 2500-T. The T stands for Torque Management, which is another name for traction control. Previously this True Street contender has been using the more traditional riding the dots method. Pick up the rest of the story >>here<<  

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