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Video Feature Jeff Polivka and El Jefe 2.0

Posted By: Mike Galimi
Last year, rookie sensation Jeff Polivka raced hard to three NMRA event wins in ProCharger Coyote Modified, finishing the season as a runner-up in the championship point's battle. His racecar, affectionately known as El Jeffe, is a 2013 Mustang Boss 302 that JPC Racing converted from a 10-second street machine into a 7-second heads-up racecar. Immediately following his 2016 racing campaign, Polivka delivered El Jeffe to DMC Racing where it underwent an upgrade to an SFI 25.3 chassis certification along with a revised rear suspension as the RGR/JPC Racing Coyote powerplant was cranking out roughly 1,400hp. With crew chief Eric Holliday handling the engine and power management through an AEM Inifinity stand-alone ECU, the team has already captured an event win in just the second race of his 2017 racing season. NMRA videographer and producer, Scott Sparrow, created a video to showoff the unique and quick El Jeffe 2.0.

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