As we inch closer to the summer months VMP Performance turned up the heat in the boosted market with the release of the Gen3R supercharger. The new, more efficient Roots-supercharger will certainly have enough oats to feed the hungriest horsepower junkies. In addition to the new supercharger head unit, the Florida-based manufacturer also announced a new strategic partnership with Magnuson Superchargers and both companies hinted at many more products coming down the pipeline. VMP Performance's Justin Starkey was quick to inform us that the Gen3R continues to utilize the EATON Performance TVS 2650 rotor package, like its Gen3 units. He explained, We are very happy with the rotors and simply designed a better package around them. The Gen3R features a brand-new rotor housing with Magnuson's patent-pending inlet port technology that allows the supercharger to be tuned for specific operating ranges, maximizing performance for street and race applications. What is the Gen3R worth When comparing it to the Gen3 head unit, enthusiasts that run a entry-level/low boost setup should see a 30rwhp gain from the more efficient Gen3R. In higher boost applications the better case and inlet offers significant gains as Starkey says bigger boost setups will experience as much as 100-plus increases. There are nearly a dozen videos and dyno comparisons all over social media from VMP and independent companies and racers performing back-to-back comparisons to prove the new supercharger's gains over previous head units. The Gen3R has the same TVS2650 rotor package but better technology around it. That is our solution for more power as other companies continue to go bigger, shared Starkey. For more information on the Gen3R and other supercharger combinations from VMP Performance, visit them at