BREAKING NEWS: Outlaw True Street Shootout, sponsored by ididit, added to NMRA All-Ford World Finals

The time trials are over—NMRA officials have collaborated with steering column specialists ididit to bring one of the wildest street car shootouts to the Nitto Tire NMRA All-Ford World Finals. It has been dubbed the ididit Outlaw True Street Shootout and it runs exclusively during the famous NMRA Grudge Night. The class is a stand-alone shootout that is run in addition to the Grudge Night match-ups. It is a simple concept that will bring in some of the wildest street Fords, including LS-swapped Mustangs that are legal under the Grudge Night rules.

“We’ve watched similar classes like this go down at other events and the types of cars showing up are certainly what we want to attract to the NMRA Grudge Night,” commented Rollie Miller, general manager of the NMRA Keystone Drag Racing Series. The winner will walk away with $2,500 while the runner-up will pocket a cool $750 and both semifinalists receive $100, making it a very lucrative one-night affair.

The rules are simple—any Ford body or Ford-powered racecar can jump into the action and must roll on a pair of 275/28×10.5-wide DOT tires. Yes, you read that correctly—LS-powered Mustangs are more than acceptable, as Grudge Night has allowed those types of cars all season long.

The ididit Outlaw True Street racers will perform a 30-mile cruise to prove they are legit street rides, but the twist away from QA1 True Street is that there will NOT be three consecutive runs. Once back at the track for Grudge Night, all shootout competitors will draw names from a hat for elimination-round pairings. The format is 1/8-mile and No Time will be in effect, though competitors will get their half of the time slip. The rear suspension rules are stock-style setups or ladder bars, while the front requires the typical bolt-in style K-members and a stock firewall.

Any racer who competes in QA1 True Street racer and completes that challenge doesn’t have to perform a second 30-mile cruise and can jump into the action for the cost of the ididit Outlaw True Street entry fee.

Miller said in closing, “We are excited to bring this new category to NMRA and help enhance the Grudge Night. Our goal is to get as many Mustang and Ford enthusiasts participating at our events and this one more excuse for them to make the trip Beech Bend Raceway September 29 to October 2.”

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