Coyote Stock Engine Announcement

The sealed Coyote 5.0 is a production engine, so when the manufacturer makes production changes, so must the crate engine program. It was only a matter of time before Ford Performance ran out of the 2011-2014 engines and shifted production to the 2015 engine. That said, NMRA will be moving towards the 2016 Sealed Coyote Engine (P/N M-6007-M50SA), with a transition period as the class converts from the current engine platform to the next one.

There are many scenarios on how to move forward and we feel that the fairest way to do so for the 2017 season is to allow the 2016 Sealed Coyote Engine (P/N M-6007-M50SA) in competition at a higher minimum weight than the current 2011-2014 engine. The greater minimum weight on the new engine in 2017 will reflect the difference in power and torque, of which we have a lot of dyno testing results for making that decision. This will prevent the 2015 engine from having an advantage over the current platform in 2017.

Beginning with the 2018 racing season, both engines will be legal, but will run at the same minimum weight. This allows racers who have the older engine to continue to race in the category (in 2018 and beyond). Ford Performance has agreed to a minimum of a three-year run of the 2016 Sealed Coyote Engine (P/N M-6007-M50SA), so racers can purchase the engine and harness with confidence in running the newer style engine for several years.

Coyote Stock was created, as a class with a level playing field without racers chasing weight breaks like other categories. And while having two minimum weights for 2017 isn’t, on paper, aligned with the true intention of the class, we feel that the soon-to-be announced weights would not force people to try both combinations or exclude the current group of racers who might not be able to get the new engine in their car for the Spring Break Shootout in March of 2017.

We feel that using a transition period allows racers to still compete and be competitive without scrambling to go purchase another engine over the winter. The elimination of the two minimum weights for 2018 gives racers 18 months to get the 2016 Sealed Coyote Engine (P/N M-6007-M50SA) when the class goes back to its single minimum weight.

The price will be slightly higher for 2016 Sealed Coyote Engine (P/N M-6007-M50SA) as it will come standard with the billet oil pump (M-6600-50CJ) upgrade. Also, racers will be required to purchase a new Control Pack for use with the new engine package. NMRA will also use a new Ford Performance engine calibration that is specific to the 2016 Sealed Coyote Engine (P/N M-6007-M50SA).