DiabloSport AMP’d 2.0 Throttle Booster Offered at Lower Cost

DiabloSport is spotlighting the AMP’d 2.0 throttle booster with value- packed features like an industry exclusive Bluetooth remote and user defined Throttle Curves.

The company has seen an increase in demand for the product, and is making it available at the lower cost of $249.95.

AMP’d 2.0 covers hundreds of different vehicle applications, and the company offers an app to control AMP’d 2.0 from an iOS or Android Smart phone, in addition to the remote for switching between throttle curves. If the pedal lag or delay in the factory programming leaves users wanting more, AMP’d 2.0 is a solution. AMP’d 2.0 features:

  • Lower cost of $249.95
  • Removes factory pedal lag
  • Industry exclusive wireless Bluetooth remote
  • Exclusive user defined throttle curves through mobile app
  • Gas and diesel coverage
  • Improves drivability
  • Reduce turbocharger spool time
  • Support for 100s of vehicles from 2003-current
  • iOS and Android Smart Phone AppSimple Plug and Play installation
  • 5 preset throttle curves plus 3 user defined custom curve slots

For more information, visit www.diablosport.com

(Content courtesy of DiabloSport)