Direct Fit Oil Cooler Kit for Fox Body From Flex-a-lite

Flex-a-lite recently introduced the direct-fit TransLife oil cooler kit for the 1979-‘93 Ford Mustang. The kit includes a six-pass transmission cooler and the brackets necessary to easily install the cooler directly to the vehicle. Using an auxiliary transmission cooler brings the cooling outside of the radiator side tank for better cooling. The TransLife cooler includes Flex-a-lite turbulators in the outer tubes for better cooling than standard oil coolers. The direct-fit kit includes patented Flex-a-lite Gator-Clips® to mount the cooler to the brackets without using nylon push bolts through the cooler fins. The 12-inch x 7.5-inch x 0.75-inch oil cooler is available with either 3/8-inch barbed or -6 A/N fittings. The mounting location allows air to flow between the cooler and the radiator core. Cooler Guard part No. 4116G can be added to protect the cooler core and provide an area to customize the look of the cooler without compromising heat dissipation.