Friday Coverage—11th Annual Nitto Tire NMRA/NMCA Super Bowl of Street legal Drag Racing

Track CheckNMRA officials check the starting line beams to ensure the beams are in the proper location as well as in proper working order. The team has been working on the race track since Tuesday with grooming and pre-race preparations.

Super Bowl Friday Schedule 2016Jacob_Lamb_GForce_Coyote_StockJacob Lamb is one of many Coyote Stock racers who made the switch to the newly legalized G-Force 101A transmission during the six week break following the Super Nationals in Ohio last month. He reported that his Stifflers cross-member worked well and outside of the driveshaft, everything swapped over easily. When we asked how he liked the new box Lamb simply stated, with a smile, “It feels really good.” Lamb is embattled in a tight point’s race with Drew Lyons and his car has fallen off as of late. He sourced the problem to a faulty fuel pump and recently upgraded to a Weldon fuel pump, filters, and fuel pressure regulator from Riccardi Racing. The new fuel system seemed to have helped clear up some issues and has him back on the fast track.

Shawn_Johnson_NMRA_Pure_StreetShawn Johnson is back in action in G-Force Racing Transmission Pure Street and he brought with him a new 4.6L Two-Valve modular engine. Johnson purchased Brandon Alsept’s old Mean Street engine and modified it a bit for 2016. The Michigan-based racer worked with BES to take some parts from that engine and combine it with parts from his 4.6L Two-Valve PI engine from 2015 to create what they feel is the most powerful naturally aspirated Two-Valve bullet. Johnson also added a new Holley EFI Dominator system and has spent the spring months sorting it out with Holley as this is a new application for that setup. The car has not been on-track yet but he hopes to get in the 9s in the hot weather and take aim at the Two-Valve record when the weather cools off for the NMRA World Finals.

Bob_Cook_ProCharger_RenegadeIt was a short trip for Edelbrock Renegade racer Bob Cook as he calls Joliet, IL his hometown. In year’s past he has driven the car from his garage to the track but the car is a bit more radical now, so he made the short haul over this morning with the car in the trailer. We saw him run last month in Ohio, but he had some mechanical issues. This outing Cook has a borrowed ProCharger F-1C-10.5 supercharger from Shane Halleman. Crazy Eddie fabbed up a new discharge tube and Cook was back in business. The 1989 Mustang GT is untested with the new supercharger, so he will take it easy on the first run before getting after the tune-up later today for round two.

A massive wheelie earlier this year cost ProCharger Coyote Modified racer John Kauderer quite a bit in parts and labor. The impact upon landing took out his UDMC Racing ’14 Cobra Jet’s motor along with a host of other parts. Not one to quit, Kauderer yanked the engine, sent it to MMR to be rebuilt and had his transmissions checked out by RPM Transmission. He then went to the folks at Watson Racing for a 6.50-certified, 25.3 roll cage upgrade, and couldn’t be happier with the phenomenal job they did. The refreshed engine was only recently reinstalled, and with only dyno break-in pulls on it, Kauderer is hoping he’ll be on point after making a few qualifying hits.

Keeping a tight lip with regards to his numbers in previous test sessions, Russell Stone – the new owner of Kuntz & Co Engines – will be showing the world what his new Wiseco/VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw Mustang can do once qualifying begins. Kuntz is running a rather uncommon small block nitrous combination, with a 460 ci engine from Kuntz and a Speedtech laughing gas system all tuned by nitrous bad boy Jody Hadley. An M&M Powerglide transmission is bolted on to the bullet, while AFCO shocks by Menscer Motorsports can be found at all four corners.

The newest member of Edelbrock Renegade racer Tony Hobson’s crew is his adorable four-month-old Shepherd, “Diesel”. More inclined to lick someone to death rather than defend Hobson’s JPC Racing-backed car, the guard dog in training is learning the ropes hanging out in the pits this weekend. Hobson, meanwhile, will be taking his brand spankin’ new Mustang for a run and will be putting its Precision boosted RTR Racing Engines powerplant to work. With only three test passes on it so far, he’s run into trouble getting it to come up on the transbrake, but is confident that he’s got a handle on getting it resolved. Running an AEM Infinity engine management system, UPR suspension components can be found throughout the build while Viking shocks are in the rear and Strange units are up front.

Notorious X275 racer Shane Fisher is on site to try his hand in Wiseco/ VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw, marking his second-ever appearance in NMRA/NMCA competition. His small block Ford-powered ’93 Mustang carries the names of many greats, including John Kolivas, Jon Bennett, KBX Performance and Pressurized Solutions. A recent move up to a 94mm Precision turbo means Fisher is expecting to run quicker than ever before, although he insists he’s here only to make the show and not to break any records.

Wiseco/VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw driver Charles Hull recently overhauled the whole front end of his ’92 Mustang. With his Precision turbo now located lower down in the car on the driver’s side, a new, larger intercooler from Pressurized Solutions, new intake, and a dry sump oil system installed on his freshened up Bennett Racing Engines 400 ci small block engine, Hull will be giving ‘em hell once qualifying begins.

Lee Sebring, whose voice many may recognize as he often serves as the official announcer of NMRA/NMCA races, is going behind the scenes today. Mr. “Top End Charge” will be crewing on Vince Palazzolo’s KBX Performance/Bennett Racing Engines powered, turbocharged Wiseco/VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw ’03 Mustang.

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Mike “Goose” Gucciardo is back competing in G-Force Racing Transmissions Pure Street with his ’87 LX Mustang. Now wearing a Tropical Yellow exterior, the car still features its 311ci small-block Ford engine and Tremec TKO transmission. The Chesterton, Indiana, resident was one of eight racers whose car had serious driveline problems that took them out of of contention at a recent race, and Goose and his crew finished up the repairs this past Wednesday night at 11pm before heading to Route 66 Raceway in Joliet.


Nine time world champion John Urist has one of the most talked about cars on the property this weekend. He’s debuting his new Turn 14 Distribution-sponsored 2016 Ford Mustang in Wiseco/VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw, and the S550 is nothing short of a work of art. Urist confirmed that every single piece of technological advancement possible is on the car, and his painstaking attention to detail is evident. Under the hood is his teammate Haley James’ engine for the time being, but a 358 ci from MMR is being built – each featuring a turbo kit from none other than Hellion Turbo. Urist is busy finishing up some odds and ends, including wiring, but vowed to have the car running by the end of the day and ready to qualify tomorrow. The fact that he’s even here wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the incredible support and encouragement he receives from so many on his team, many of whom were unable to join him here in Joliet, especially his wonderful wife, Melissa, and beautiful daughter, Lauren.

First Round of Qualifying is underway. Get the results <<<HERE>>>

Charlie_Booze_NMRA_CoyoteYes, that is 5-time NMRA/NMCA champion Charlie Booze Jr. and no, that isn’t his rocket ship 1993 Mustang GT. He is the hired gun for Nate Stymiest who had to skip the weekend due to work commitments. Booze has been driving the car in testing with a new G-Force 101A four-speed transmission and has been in the 10.30s back home. He ran 10.69 at just 113 mph during round one of qualifying, playing some games and not showing his hand.

After chucking a rod earlier at the NMRA/NMCA All-Star Nationals race in April and wrecking just a few weeks later Barbaree’s had a bit of a rough year. His Precision boosted and Kuntz-powered Wiseco/VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw Mustang is looking (and running) as good as new, though, thanks to a reconstructed front end and a rebuilt block featuring a whole new rotating assembly. Barbaree and car owner Russell Stone have had to thrash to get it done in such short time, but the results were worth the stress.

Bang_Shift_Live_FeedCan’t make it this weekend? Then cruise over to <<HERE>> and watch the Live Feed for free, thanks to support from Precision Turbo and Engine. Chad Reynolds is handling the video camera and also interacting with viewers in the Chat room.