Friday Coverage—15th Annual NMRA SuperNationals | Presented by Edelbrock

It is Battleground: Ohio for the NMRA Drag Racing Series, presented by Keystone Automotive, as the series begins the second half of the season in the six-race championship competition. The NMRA SuperNationals goes down this weekend at National Trail Raceway, located just outside the city limits of Columbus, Ohio.

Pictured above, the NMRA crew lays down a fresh layer of VP Racing Fuels Lane Choice traction compound. Total Venue Concepts is the official track prep equipment of NMRA and NMCA with sprayers, draggers, and tire rotators on-site for each event.

Tony Hobson topped Edelbrock Renegade with his 2013 Mustang GT during the CJ Pony Parts Ford Motorsports Nationals last month. After celebrating in the Aerospace Components Winner’s Circle, he and the JPC Racing crew got working to further refine the 5.8L Mod Motor combination. This race they have a new intake manifold, replacing a single plane cast intake manifold that he used to run 7.30s at 180 mph last month.

We would like to give Jimmie Vogel III a warm welcome to G-Force Racing Transmissions Coyote Stock. Vogel is a true rookie racer, having only made 5 runs down the quarter-mile—ever. The Indiana native is a former short track dirt racer and took notice of Coyote Stock last year. He called Tim Matherly of MV Performance and said he wanted to go straight-line racing in Coyote Stock. Over the next eight months he purchased this silver 2003 SVT Cobra, which used to run Real Street with a ProCharger combination and originally built by Walsh Motorsports. The complete car was rebuilt with fresh parts from MV Performance and a Gen 2 Coyote Stock engine was installed. With just those few runs on track, Vogel is hoping to get into the 10s this weekend and have some fun.

Josh Ledford lines up Manny Buginga in the VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw time trial this morning, qualifying will start around 3PM. The teams all took it easy on their first crack at the drag strip. The National Trail Raceway is the first race for NMRA this year where the weather is hot and humid, so they are finding their groove, figuratively and literally.

Bob Cook is back in Edelbrock Renegade action with his supercharged Mustang GT. Last year, the team raised a few eyebrows when the old school, home-built ride whipped out 7.40 runs from the smallish 311ci pushrod engine. He was the quickest Renegade of the time trial with a 7.96 at 181 mph performance.

If you look at the NMRA fields over the past few years, it is a who’s who of turbo and blower racers. Nick Bacalis is here this weekend trying to prove that a nitrous car can be a player in the VP Racing Fuels Street Outlaw field. His SN95 Mustang sports a medium sized nitrous engine as it checks in at “just” 737ci. Constructed at BES Racing where Bacalis works, it is built using a 5-inch bore space big block and a set of BES Racing Pro Stock Wedge cylinder heads. Induction Solutions plumbed a single stage of nitrous in the cast manifold. Bacalis relies on a Holley EFI Dominator for his fuel injection setup. The Dominator handles all of the nitrous control as well as supplemental fuel when the system is activated.

Michael Ciborowski spent the month off swapping camshafts in his Coyote 5.0 as he is looking to go quicker in Steeda Limited Street. Also new for this outing is a Proformance TH400 transmission; he was eliminated during last event when third gear gave up. Ciborowski has flirted with the 8.90s in the cooler weather and his new transmission and camshafts seem to have been a huge upgrade. He ran 8.84 at 154 mph during the Limited Street time trial this morning.

The tallest person in NMRA competition is Rick Erdman of Amazon Tuning Solutions. This weekend he is looking to add an 8-second time slip to his tall list of achievements in Steeda Limited Street. The VMP Performance supercharged machine has run in the 9s, a number he knows he can better once they get the 6R80 to shift properly. To get weight off the S550 Mustang the team added Anderson Composites carbon fiber hood and trunk.

Hellion Racing B-Team’s Frank Varela made one test hit before the rains came and he definitely had the cleanest hit. He wisely lifted but the rumors are flying that his numbers were really quick with sub-1.20 sixty foot time and sub-5.00 through the 1/8-mile. Varela runs a MMR Coyote 5.0 with a 76mm turbocharger as Dwayne James handles all the tuning chores.

Saturday Schedule—GATES OPEN at 8:00am, 30-minutes earlier than scheduled. The track will go live at 8:45AM with Bracket time trials, followed by Qualifying Round 1. The goal is to do ALL three qualifying rounds.

NMRA racers who are completing the CJ Pony Parts Ford Motorsport Nationals

G-Force Racing Transmissions Coyote Stock Semifinals will be run during Round 1 of Qualifying.

Richmond Gear Factory Stock Final Round will run during Round 2 of Qualifying.

ARP Open Comp and Exedy Racing Clutch Modular Muscle Final Round will happen immediately following Round 2 of Qualifying.