Generation Next—Ford Performance and NMRA Testing Notes from the Gen 3 Coyote Stock Engine Package

Gen 3 Coyote Stock

Ford Performance is anticipating the next generation G-Force Racing Transmissions Coyote Stock engine package to be available on June 19, 2020 and it is based on the Gen 3 Coyote platform. The major highlights of the new Coyote Stock engine are a much higher output coupled with Direct Injection. NMRA began working with Ford Performance during the summer of 2019 with the goal of smoothing the transition when jumping to the Gen 3 Coyote Stock combination. Here are the notes from the Ford Performance/NMRA development project for Coyote Stock.

Two-Step Rev Limiter

The MSD Ignition 2-Step (P/N 87311) worked successfully in the test engine by reversing the factory coil connector wires on the number 3 cylinder—located on the passenger side, third one back, and it is the coil-near-plug coil. The two-step was set at 5,500 rpm and increased up to 7,000 rpm in 100-rpm increments during testing. Ford Performance is developing a two-step that is built into the ECU software, similar to the Cobra Jet program, but the timetable has been changed due to COVID-19 pandemic. NMRA will announce its availability as the world gets back to normal and special projects start back up at Ford Performance.

Tachometer/Data Acquisition/Shift-Light

Much like the Gen 2 Coyote, the latest version doesn’t show an accurate RPM reading with the popular MSD Ignition or Auto Meter tachometer adapter. The best method to get RPM signal comes from the Gen 2 Coyote Stock playbook. The Ford Performance test engine received a Racepak Clutch RPM Sensor (PN-800-SS-ZX-3), which reads a collar that has been attached to the damper. Racepak makes the installation easier with its Molex 3 Pin Connector kit (P/N 800-CN-MOL3) that allows you to get power, ground, and signal to the the Racepak Clutch RPM sensor.

Cold Air Pipe

All testing and calibration were performed using a 120mm tube from JLT Performance, which originated from its 2018-2020 cold air kit (the tube part number is T-CAI-FMG-18). JLT Performance has a Coyote Stock kit (CS-Gen3-120) available for the Gen 3 combination and it includes the 120mm tube, couplers, clamps, etc.

IMRC Delete Plates

Gen 3 specific IMRC Delete Plates can be utilized on the new Coyote Stock engine and they are different than the Gen 2 Delete Plates.

Oil and Gasoline Testing Notes

All testing was performed using LAT Oil R-30S. As per the NMRA rules, VP Racing Fuels C10 gasoline was the only fuel used during calibration and testing development.

Gen 3 Oil Filter Adaptor

In addition to the Coyote Stock legal engine package the factory Gen 3 Oil Filter Adapter is required in NMRA competition. The factory oil cooler can be removed but both sensors are required to be plugged in and functioning. The reason for retaining the oil adapter and functioning sensors is due to an ECU strategy built into the factory calibration.

Ford Performance Alternator Kit

The Ford Performance Alternator kit that is popular with Coyote Stock racers and utilized on the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Coyote was used on the test vehicle.

Reluctor Ring

The Gen 3 Coyote has a different reluctor ring than the Gen 1 and Gen 2 Coyote engines. Ford P/N BR3Z-12A227-A and Ford Racing P/N M-12A227-CJ13 cannot be used on the Gen 3 Coyote, those are only legal (and mechanically correct) for use on the Gen 1/Gen 2 Coyote 5.0.

M-6007-M50SB         Gen 3 5.0L NMRA Coyote Stock Engine*

  • BR3E-6622-DB 0L Pick Up Tube
  • BR3E-6A340-AA Damper Bolt
  • BR3E-6K258-DA Oil Pickup Stud
  • CM-6621-A50 0L HP Oil Pump (billet)
  • JG-397-AA 2020 5.0L Manual Engine
  • JR3Z-9J323-A High-Pressure Fuel Line
  • M-6675-M50A1 Gen 2 Coyote Oil Pan
  • N605904-S Oil Pick Up Brace Bolt
  • N806180-S2 Pick Up Tube Spacer, M8 x 1.25 x 37.9mm
  • P-CRADLE-50 0L/5.2L Engine Shipping Craddle
  • W714962-S437 M6 x 22mm Pick Up Bolt

 *Ford Performance Control Pack harness and computer for the Gen 3 engine is also required, listed under part number M-6017-M50B.

Minimum weight will be 3,100 pounds across the board for all three generations of the legal Coyote Stock engines. There will be no phase in period due to the more powerful rating of the Gen 3 Coyote. Extensive testing by Ford Performance and NMRA show it would be impossible to temporarily equalize the performance through weight or power changes. NMRA anticipates the Gen 3 powered vehicles will be significantly quicker than the current Gen 2 performances.

The distribution of the Ford Performance Coyote Stock engine calibration will be handled like the previous generation rollout. Competitors can send their ECU into Ford Performance to have it flashed by their engineers or the racers can bring the ECU to an NMRA or NMCA event to have a tech official flash the ECU. If a racer chooses to have it done at an NMRA/NMCA event, then they will be responsible for having the ECU powered up in their Gen 3-powered Coyote Stock racecar or in a donor vehicle.