Hussey Heading to New NMRA UPR Modular Xtreme Class

With his sights set on outlaw-style racing, Jeremiah Hussey is hopping into NMRA’s new UPR Modular Xtreme class at the 23rd Annual Nitto NMRA Spring Break Shootout, March 2-5, 2017 at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida.

He’ll be in the driver’s seat of the 2011 Mustang GT he ran to a 7.61 in NMRA Turbo Coyote Shootout, but he’s making some changes to it in preparation for the eighth-mile class designed for non-tube chassis Mustangs.

After freshening the MPS2000 310 cubic-inch Coyote engine built by his shop, Modular Performance Solutions, he modified his intake, which will feature sixteen Injector Dynamics ID2000 injectors, and he swapped his stock engine mounts with engine plates.

Twin 76mm Precision turbos will replace 66mm turbos, and custom piping for the hot side and cold side will be added. Slick-looking custom fender-exit exhaust is a new addition, and Hussey will test a few converters to find the best fit for the combination which will now sip methanol rather than E98.

A Modular Performance Solutions-prepped Powerglide will help the car rolling on Mickey Thompson 28X10.5 slicks or 275 Mickey Thompson ET Street Radial Pros plant power to the pavement.

“Because we’re switching to methanol, which runs cooler, we were able to get rid of the intercooler, which is a 50 pound weight loss,” said Hussey, who also upgraded the fuel system.

To enhance safety aboard the car he’s confident will lay down about 1,700 horsepower, Hussey is upgrading the fire suppression system and setting the engine up with a vacuum pump. He’ll also move the overflow tank from the front to the rear of the car to help keep fluid off the tires should there be any spills.

Hussey hopes to head to a test session in two weeks to begin dialing in the car for NMRA UPR Modular Xtreme.

“I really like the loose rule set for the class,” said Hussey. “We’ll be able to showcase what the engine can do.”