Jordan Performance & Racing Debuts New Twin-Turbo Shop Car

For years, Justin Jordan dominated the NMRA Turbo Coyote Shootout and NMRA Hellion Turbo Battle categories with his twin-turbo, MBRP-backed “NighTTmare” 2014 Ford Mustang GT. With boost supplied by a Hellion Power Systems twin-turbo kit, running in the 6-second zone wasn’t enough of a challenge, though, and Jordan decided to take the road less traveled for his 2021 season.

Jordan briefly debated continuing with his well known S197, but ultimately chose to purchase a 2020 Mustang GT instead to use as a new flagship car for his shop, Jordan Performance and Racing located in Ruskin, Florida.

“We wanted something newer and more relatable,” explained Jordan of the S550, which he acquired in December of 2020 using funds from the sale of his S197’s powertrain. “John Urist [of Hellion] has been my friend and mentor for years, and he convinced me to go for it.”

With a Hellion Sleeper twin-turbo upgrade kit already in mind and a car already picked out, Jordan made his pony car purchase on a Saturday and had the turbo system in-hand by the end of that same week.

As delivered from Ford, Jordan was able to produce an 11.9-second run at 120 mph with the stock, 460-horsepower Coyote engine—but it definitely wasn’t enough.

Not long after baselining his new car’s performance, he installed the Hellion kit and made some other upgrades including a Fore Innovations fuel system, MPR valve springs, new oil pump gear, secondary chains, and miscellaneous odds and ends. The work wrapped up just a few days later and the tank was filled with E85 fuel.

Despite having only registered 697 miles on the Mustang’s odometer, Jordan had increased the power gains on the Coyote dramatically, as a dyno session revealed a whopping 1,008 hp at the rear wheels.

“It’s still got the stock torque converter and stock rear end, but we have BMR Performance suspension parts on the front and Kelly Aiken’s KellTrac shocks on the back with coilovers on the front,” Jordan noted of the “nothing fancy” setup.

Of course, Jordan was antsy to head back to the track to see what the Mustang would run with its new set of snails, so he signed up to run in the Mickey Thompson Street Car Challenge presented by Whipple Superchargers class at the 27th Annual BMR Suspension NMRA Spring Break Shootout at Bradenton Motorsports Park in Florida over the weekend of March 5-7, 2021.

On his first pass, Jordan went 10.3 at 147 mph. A few quick tweaks made a big difference, and he was able to run 9.80 at 151 mph by rolling into the gas without a two-step or anything at the launch.

“It was a little weird being the underdog, because normally we’re doing the butt-whooping instead of receiving the whooping,” laughed Jordan, who enjoyed taking a step back from his usual break-neck pace. “There’s no transbrake or anything. Just use the footbrake and let go, and I’m pretty happy with it.”

Jordan qualified ninth overall in Mickey Thompson Street Car Challenge presented by Whipple Superchargers with a 9.899 at 151.77mph timeslip, then went even quicker and faster when he ran 9.488 at 155.92 mph in round one of eliminations—though he didn’t get the win.

Despite going out early, Jordan still had a blast and found sweet success with his new flagship ride’s improved performance.

Speaking of sweet, Jordan also has been busy promoting his newly launched cookie company, 3J’s Sweet Treats. Inspired by his father’s lifelong passion for baking, Jordan put his entrepreneur skills to work and branched out in his business efforts by offering gourmet cookies to friends and fellow racers in four delicious flavors.