Kurtis Forsberg runs a 7.82 at 176 in testing on third pass after rebuild from massive wheelstand

Written By Derek Putnam

Photos Courtesy of Kurtis Forsberg

What’s a good way to get noticed in the QA1 True Street class? Do a massive wheelstand. Kurtis Forsberg’s sky shot at the 2016 NMRA season opener was good enough to nab the cover shot of the July 2016 issue of Race Pages magazine.

“The car finished in the top ten in True Street,” said Forsberg, “and I made the semifinal round of the Spring Break Shootout. It was a good weekend!” Fast forward two years, and Forsberg had switched to a better modular engine, swapped the Turbo 400 transmission for a Powerglide, and upgraded to a Garrett turbocharger. Those changes got the ’97 Aztec Gold Mustang down to an 8.02 best, and Forsberg had his sights set on a 7-second run when the Mod Nationals visited South Georgia Motorsports Park in November 2018.

“Just when the car was making clean A to B passes, she decided to get ugly,” Forsberg admitted of another massive wheelstand. All four wheels came off the ground, and when the front end touched down again, it wasn’t a soft landing. The damage report included a twisted frame, busted oil pan, a bent steering rack, and a host of other issues. 

Undeterred, Forsberg got to work rebuilding the car, with the damaged front clip getting all new front suspension and k-member courtesy of UPR. The rebuild was complete in February, and with only a couple test runs on the car, nicknamed “GoldDust,” Forsberg rolled to Palm Beach International Raceway for a full pull. 

“We made a couple eighth-mile hits the week before, and found a few issues,” said Forsberg. “On the run at PBIR, we managed to keep the front end down.” The time slip read 7.82 at 176 miles per hour with a stellar 1.18 60 foot time. “I know there’s more left,” said Forsberg. “We probably won’t change much for Saturday’s True Street action, but if we get into the Spring Break Shootout class on Sunday, we might turn it up some!”