Limited Street Set to Debut at NMRA World Finals this October

The official rules are released for Limited Street for its debut during the Nitto Tire NMRA All-Ford World Finals September 28 to October 1, at Beech Bend Raceway (Bowling Green, KY). The Limited Street category is the latest NMRA heads-up class, aimed at fast street cars with limited combinations across small-block and Modular engine combinations. The cars will compete on true stock suspension with vehicles ranging from a lightweight naturally aspirated combination in a Fox-body Mustang to heavier and more powerful S550 Mustangs. Of course, the class is open to any Ford chassis and there are even grumblings of a 1973 Mercury Capri being built for competition.

“We are excited for Limited Street,” expressed Rollie Miller, General Manager of the NMRA Keystone Drag Racing series. He went on to say, “Our tech department has kept it open to many combinations including all three power adders and naturally aspirated engines to 302/351, Modular, and Coyote powerplants. They’ve worked hard to be as inclusive as possible but still limit the potential of the performances to keep it inline with the concept of being a step back, in quickness, from our current top three classes.”

There has been a significant amount of interest in Limited Street since it was announced earlier this year with over 200 rule suggestions and shared information on various combinations. “Feedback from the NMRA community has been awesome. Many enthusiasts have shared their data and performances with our group as we all worked towards the common goal of a competitive and fun category to compliment our heads-up program,” Miller commented.

Limited Street is scheduled to become a championship category in 2018 but racers and fans will get a preview during the 2017 Nitto Tire NMRA All-Ford World Finals in a special invitational that is open to anyone. Please submit a request to the NMRA at to get on the list. “The Limited Street invitational is going to be fun, we have 14 cars already signed up with some very diverse combinations and several former NMRA and NMCA competitors coming back out,” said Miller.

If there any questions, feel free to email the NMRA tech staff. Stay tuned to for more Limited Street announcements throughout the summer.