MRT Introduces Max-Flow H-Pipe Exhaust System For 2015 Mustang GT

MRT is proud to introduce the ONLY exhaust system for the 2015 Mustang utilizing an H-Pipe design. Once again MRT has engineered an exhaust system that is made from the finest materials in the industry and carries an industry leading Limited Lifetime Warranty. The 2015 Mustang GT is a true performance car and should sound like one. The MRT Max-Flow H-Pipe exhaust system provides a deep, aggressive sound; unlike most exhaust systems designed around an X-pipe that produces a higher pitched, raspy sound.

The MRT Max-Flow H-Pipe, exhaust systems are handmade from 3 inch 304 Stainless Steel at the MRT manufacturing facility and replaces the OE mid-muffler along with the heavy rear mufflers. This system is designed and engineered to provide the most airflow throughout the Mustang GT’s exhaust without effecting Emission standards or any modifications to the stock exhaust.

The MRT engineering team optimized three key elements during their design process.

  1. Tube diameter
  2. Smoothness of the exhaust path
  3. Backpressure

MRT’s CNC mandrel bend technology ensures that the Catback Exhaust has smooth bends and precise fit.

Nobody’s exhaust systems make more power than MRT exhaust systems.

MRT headquarters is located in Plymouth, Michigan, and is a performance aftermarket engineering, customization and sales company that specializes in automotive exhaust, styling and performance.

Contact MRT: 734-455-5807