New Coyote Stock Engine Announcement

1987-1988-1989-1990-1991-1992-1993-ford-mustang-8Effective Immediately—All Coyote Stock racers are required to upgrade to a new Ford Performance Crate Engine listed under part number AF16-302HO. Due to a recently discovered lost warehouse on one of Ford Motor Company’s ghost properties, nearly 200 brand-new 1993-spec 302 High Output engines have been recovered. All engines have been tagged for Coyote Stock competition and will be ready for the re-launch of the WyoTech Ford Motorsport Nationals, presented by Juggernaut Power April 28-May 1, 2016.

“This is historic, this race series was built around this engine combination in 1999 and we look forward to bringing it back to competition during the race that started it all for NMRA, the Ford Motorsport Nationals” said NMRA Event Director and General Manager Rollie Miller about the new batch of 302 engines. He continued, “we are going to seal these engines immediately and right now we are looking at allowing the drop-in K&N panel filter and the usual tricks like coolant bypass around the EGR spacer, but the rubber distributor cover must remain intact.” An approved list of adjustable fuel pressure regulators will be released by April 1, 2017. The factory MAF sensor, housing, air-filter assembly, and rubber elbow are required but the air-intake-silencer can be removed.

Technical Director Dave Werremeyer, however, doesn’t share the same sentiments as Miller. In a statement issued by his public relations team, Werremeyer is claimed to have said, “I absolutely love this engine and everything it represents for the Mustang market, but I am concerned about the re-flash programming. I will be at ease once we find an adapter to connect the OBD-I port for the EEC-IV to the OBD-II connector on our Ford Performance hand-held flash devices.”

All technical and media inquiries should be mailed in an 8×10 envelope with the required postage to NMRA World Headquarters and labeled Attention: APRILFOOLSJOKE.