New Product—Aerospace Components Manual Brake Conversion Kit for the S550 Mustang

The all-new manual brake conversion kit for the S550 Mustang saves weight, adds space in the engine compartment, and improves braking. Switching to a manual brake setup doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice great braking. The Aerospace Components S550 Mustang Manual Brake Conversion kit actually improves braking due to a few key reasons. The kit provides the correct pedal ratio and geometry, that allows the proper brake pressure without the assistance of a heavy vacuum booster.

The S550 Mustang Manual Brake Kit is designed for the 2015-2018 Mustang, includes a billet aluminum pedal arm/pad, Grade 8 pushrod with adjustable rod-end, billet aluminum master cylinder plate, lightweight 1-1/8-inch bore performance master cylinder, brake hoses with fittings for the factory ABS module, and Grade 8 hardware. Installation is easy and straightforward and only two small areas need a slight adjustment for the new pushrod clearance. The kit also works with the factory brake light switch for those who would like to keep their Mustang street-legal.


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