New Product—Haltech 2.32 Firmware Update Available Now

Apart from fixing known bugs Haltech has added a host of additional features and functions to the Elite series ECUs. And like most software and firmware updates from EFI manufacturers, the update is free! For those unaware, the difference between firmware and software is that firmware updates the ECU while software updates relate to the computer program on your laptop.

In order to update your ECU you’ll need the latest version of the Haltech ESP software which can be downloaded off the company’s website <HERE> or through the “ESP Online” portal if you’ve already got a previous version of ESP on your laptop.

Once you have the most current software you can then use the ESP Online portal to access the most current version of Firmware for your ECU and update it. This process should take around 5 minutes.

2.32 Firmware Update Highlights

Electronic Throttle Blip for Sequential and H-pattern gearboxes.
Your Haltech ECU now detects the downshift based on the Throttle and brake position then brings the RPM up to the expected new RPM based on the calibrated gear ratio.

EGT cylinder shutdown function.
You can now turn off individual cylinders based on that particular cylinder’s Exhaust Gas Temperature. This feature is especially useful in drag racing application where it could be the difference between melting a cylinder down or saving it and limping the car over the finish line.

Toyota 86 / FRS / Subaru BRZ CAN integration.
Haltech ECUs can now communicate with the factory dash as well as the power steering, air conditioner, steering wheel angle, brake switch, brake pressure, start button, 4 wheel speed sensors, check engine light, cruise control, traction control, reverse switch.

New TCA-8 Support.
We have added a brand new 8 Channel, K-type thermocouple amplifier to our product range. This device communicates with the Elite series ECUs via CAN and accepts 8 thermocouple inputs. These can then be used to measure and map against various temperature references, from exhaust gas to engine or transmission temperatures.

2.32 Firmware Overview

  • Elite Pro Plug-in now supports Ford Falcon FG Mk1
  • Support for the new TCA-8
  • Elite 1000/1500/2000/2500 data logging memory increased to 8Mb
  • Elite 750/950 data logging memory increased to 1Mb
  • Data logging speed improved
  • Throttle Blip added to Flat Shift functionality
  • EGT individual cylinder shutdown
  • CAN support for Toyota 86/FRS/Subaru BRZ
  • All REM-related DTCs now trigger engine protection
  • Data logging time-stamp issue has been fixed
  • Thermocouple readings now show Time-Out when connection to a CAN Thermocouple Amplifier is lost.
  • Wideband O2 channels now show Time-Out when connection to a CAN Wideband Controller is lost. This also stops the O2 control.
  • Added pins for the auxiliary CAN connector to the I/O Report
  • Flex Fuel Composition/Temperature sensor input will now turn yellow as a warning if the wrong edge is selected for measuring temperature.