New Product—VMP Performance Twinjet 69mm Throttle for 2015-2017 Mustang GT

VMP Performance is submerged in Mustang performance all day and everyday, so it is no surprise that when they release a new product it is geared to satisfy a hole in the market. In this case, their new Twinjet 69mm throttle body is a direct bolt-on to the 2015-2017 Mustang GT that is equipped with any of the OEM intake manifolds (including Cobra Jet) and VMP Gen2, Gen2R, and Gen3 TVS superchargers. The Roush and VMP Gen1 units require a slight modification to work with the new Twinjet 69mm throttle body for 2015-2017 Mustang GT.

The unique aspect of the Twinjet 69mm throttle body is that it utilizes “native” electronics from a 2015-2017 GT, which allows for a simpler and easier tuning process. The other advantage are the larger 69mm throttle body bores. VMP reports a 20-40 rwhp gain on supercharged applications over its standard VMP Twinjet 60mm throttle body and a 10-20 rwhp gain when tested against the same Twinjet 60mm setup, but on a naturally aspirated engine with a Cobra Jet intake manifold. Naturally those gains were seen in properly equipped test subjects. It is no secret that swapping to a larger throttle body on positive displacement superchargers helps free-up air going into the supercharger, thus helping create more power. The Twinjet 69mm throttle body requires a 3-foot extension in lieu of the Y-harness while its use on a Cobra Jet intake manifold hooks right up.

Recently, Michael Ciborowski captured the NMRA Limited Street national championship with his 2013 Mustang GT and it was powered by a VMP Performance GEn2R supercharger.

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