New VMP Performance Heat Exchanger

VMP Performance has significantly improved their Heat Exchanger – Its lighter, fits more applications, and cools better.

The VMP Heat Exchanger fits 2015+ Mustang GTs including those with the collision avoidance system.  It also fits 2013-14 GT500 Shelbys including those with the track pack auxiliary cooler and it now has improved fitment on 2011-12 GT Mustangs, and 2007-09 & 2010 GT500 Shelbys.

It is the biggest and baddest dual fan heat exchanger out there; utilizing twin 11″ Spal fans and a custom dual relay ‘Plug and Play’ harness to power them. The triple pass design ensures the lowest possible downstream air temps.  It is not uncommon for customers to report temperatures that are only 20-25 degrees above ambient.

Positive displacement superchargers like those found on Shelby GT500s and Mustang GTs with Roush, Kenne Bell, Saleen, Edelbrock, and Whipple superchargers rely upon an air/water intercooler system to cool the charge air.  The heat exchanger mounted low in the front grill does the brunt of the work.  The factory units are often marginal, they don’t get the job done on hot days, and do not have fans for low speed cooling, such as idling in traffic, or trying to cool down in the pits.  The VMP Heat Exchanger solves all of these problems with a larger, more efficient unit that has built-in fans to ensure there is always enough airflow.  You would have to drive 80mph all the time to realize the airflow potential provided by the fans.